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RMN Dating sim....?

I stumbled across this game and the name caught my eye, I then took a look at the main page and seen it was some sort of a dating SIM, but with some of the girls from RMN. I decided to give it a try. And Here's my review.

A man named Ocean is extremely lonely and wants a girlfriend, so he works his ass off at a job that doesn't pay enough to buy gifts for girls, he also has a rival named Caz who keeps stealing every girl away from him.. And well that's the entire story, simple and actually pretty funny. The characters are each based off people from this very site. Liberty, Kyrsty, Marimo, and Caz. The dialogue is also really funny. The funniest lines in the entire game for me was "Oh Caz your so cute" "Don't call me cute, I will cut you bitch!" "Cut me with your cute". I legitimately cracked up at that.

gameplay is basic, all you do is go to work, and play a quick time mini game, the better you do, the more money you will get, which is a cool system, but a little repetitive. What do you do with said money? Buy the girls gifts of course! Each girl has certain gifts they like, and it's a matter of using the right gift for the right girl. But you better act fast or Caz will steal the girl away from you before you have a chance! And that's kind of my main problem, the rate in which caz takes a girl you wanted away is pretty fast, almost too fast. I went to work multiple times (because I suck at the mini game and can't make a lot of money) so I could buy Liberty 3 twisties packs, and right when I got the money Caz took her! WHY?! :'(..... Anyway... This is probably more my fault than anything but I don't know, it did seem too fast. The game could also use more characters, I was expecting at least Kentona to make an appearance. I think you could have plenty more comedic moments, if you add a few more. But that's just me. And the game can get repetitive, really fast.

Overall thoughts
Before you say I skipped the mapping! Well what you see in the screen shots is basically what you get, and it's good there you go. My overall thoughts are that this for what it is, is a charming little game. It's not the greatest thing ever, nor is it bad. Its fun.. The game-play is repetitive, but there's something about going to work and buying stuff the for the girl you want that almost makes it addicting.. It also helps that the dialogue is really funny.

Final Score
3 out of 5, though the game is repetitive, the dialogue is funny, the characters each have a personality, and it's surprisingly addictive for what it is.

(and yes I do get that this game is nothing but an in joke lol)


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Hahah I'm glad you enjoyed, despite the repetition of the gameplay! If I'd had more time, I would've put a lot more effort into the work minigame for sure. Maybe something a little less about button mashing, more about Ocean having to answer the phone, run back and forth with boxes, etc..

Thanks for the review! I appreciate your words! :D
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