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This is a game I made for my cousin for Christmas. It was made in about three days, because I'm incorrigible. It's based on a game we used to play as kids.

"Widdershins go when Moon doth wane,
An the werewolves howl by the dread wolfsbane."

'Rede of the Wiccae', Lady Gwen Thompson

Our story is set in the village of Monkshood, a quiet, peaceful village. At least, it used to be.

Monkshood has recently been burdened by attacks from vicious werewolves inside the village. It is up to you to find out who the werewolves are and execute them before it's too late.


There are two werewolves in the village. During the day, you can travel the village and glean information from the other villagers. Each day lasts a different amount of time, depending on the game mode you choose.

Then night falls, and the werewolves strike. If you are lucky, the village doctor may be able to revive the victim before they succumb to their injuries. The werewolf may also attack you—no one is safe.

To make an accusation, go to the gallows in the centre of the village. You can sentence anyone to hang—even if they are innocent. Their death will be added to
the death toll. Werewolf deaths will not be added to the death toll. You lose if the death toll goes higher than three.

The game is won when both werewolves have been executed.

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I geuss its good........but please make it better!!! KIDDING ITS THE BEST GAME !!! KHDEWEKEH I LOVE IT!!
Ah I know this card game, lol. Interesting, interesting.
Theres another rule in this game that wasnt mentioned anywhere: You lose when there's only 3 people left (including yourself) or something like that.
On my first game there was 4 people left (including myself) and one werewolf left, but after that day the game ended. I'd think there was a 50/50 chance to win at that point but it ended in a loose.

I liked that excel file you got, it basically shows the game's internal logic. It's a short game so having that is pretty cool. Nice to look at AFTER beating the game. I'd like it if more games had stuff like that.

Theres another rule in this game that wasnt mentioned anywhere: You lose when there's only 3 people left (including yourself) or something like that.

Pretty sure it mentions that in the rules (at the start and in the menu)? I'll have a look through and double-check when I get time.

Oops, I totally forgot about the excel file, haha. I made that up at the start when I was trying to figure out how to randomise everything. Glad you like it, though!
"Now judge! You have the right." - Keen
I see somebody else was crazy enough to emulate werewolf/mafia via RPG Maker. My feeble attempt was via a mini-game, though.
The game is fun, cool and at least well thinked, but you should give the players the layout of the village, a map or something like that, the house's locations etc, the player is a villager too, i think it's only fair that we know what the village that we lives on looks like
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