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Game Design

Recruitable Monsters! - A first look.

Owl Quest will release with 20 monsters available that you can fight and recruit to your party!

Monsters will all begin at level 1 once they join you, though they will level up at a fast pace. Some monsters are more powerful than others, and are more difficult to obtain. Here's a first glimpse at some of the earliest monsters available in the game! (A 1 pixel outline has been added to each sprite for the posting of this article, as there will not actually be a black outline in the game.)

Name: Bandit Viper
Type: Snake
Primary Element: Piercing
Description: Why is this snake a bandit? What drove him to a life of banditry? And more importantly, why is it carrying a knife in its mouth!?

Name: Wood Sprite
Type: Fairy
Primarily Element: Light
Description: Your first monster, who provides decent healing. She'll be very helpful in your party until you're able to afford to capture a better monster. It is said that the wood sprites sing an alluring song from the woods, luring children to them so that they may be sacrificed to their ruler.

Name: Tea Kitten
Type: Spirit Beast
Primary Element: Fire
Description: A flaming tea kitten? But why is the kitten in a tea cup? And why is it on fire? No one is quite sure, but it's here now.

Name: Ghost Knight
Type: Giant
Primary Element: Blunt
Description: It is said that the Ghost Knight is the spirit of one who has died in battle and lived on to get revenge. Or perhaps it doesn't seek revenge, but simply enjoys fighting so much, that it prefers to fight, even beyond death. That's pretty metal.

Name: Angel
Type: Spirit
Primary Element: Light
Description: Haha it's just a harmless angel, right? How dangerous could she be!?

Art style: Sticking to the early 8-bit formula, each sprite has 4 colors. 3, technically, if you consider that the 4th color is intended to be transparent. I stuck pretty honestly to this throughout all of the monsters (with exception to the snake up there, since I intended him to have a white transparent color).
All of the 8-bit system's sprites had 4(3) colors, but eventually what happened is, the developers began to layer the sprites, essentially increasing the color count of a sprite to a whopping 8(6) whole colors! Of course, they still had the whole "14 colors on the screen at once" limitation, but hey, I'm not being too fickle here.
The art is meant to resemble early 8-bit monster sprites. You'd be surprised at how difficult it can be to make enemies out of 3 colors!

Monster Skills: Each monster will have four skills in their skill pool. They are, innately, more powerful than the hero Seiromem. At the same time, their skills are limited. A typical enemy will have a selection of these four skills: a damage of their particular element, a buff, a debuff, and a passive. Seiromem, however, can learn all of a monster's skills, making him effectively more powerful than any other monster by the end of the game.
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