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Toymaker has been Greenlit!

I started my Greenlight campaign back in September. And Toymaker got Greenlit yesterday, when I slept, almost exactly 4 months later.

To be honest I'd given up on getting Greenlit a while back. The response for Toymaker was very strong on the first week, but soon died out to a few votes a month. So last month I decided to continue with my plans of publishing Toymaker, with or without Steam, early this year (2017).

As a first step I published: Toymaker – Prologue (a stand-alone demo) here on Rpgmaker.net, to build up some interest for my upcoming game. And the response was really, really good. Better than I had hoped for.

I got some more votes on Greenlight too, and a little consistent traffic. Not that much, really, but definitely noticeably more. And then suddenly, poff, I was Greenlit. I can't say if that's why Toymaker got Greenlit, but I can't find any other thing that influenced it.

So thank you very much! Everyone here that went and looked, voted, and commented on Toymaker. It meant the world to me.

The game was basically finished when I went into the Greenlight campaign. But there’s always things you can improve and change, which I’ve done these last months. The only thing left is a little more testing, and a lot of the behind-the-scenes-work with the different publishers, and then it will be out.


Thank you.

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