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A game about a survivor named Nicholas. He is dragged into this world of unending despair due to an outbreak caused by cures gone wrong which were used to prevent diseases like cancer. It all went down hill when half of the worlds population took the medicine. It has been a few months since the outbreak, the world is dark and more gruesome than ever, you can choose to help people but sometimes you can only do so much for someone. You will be battling not only creatures, survivors, but also yourself. Will you let this world change your judgement?

The world has a lot of hidden doors and items so keep your eyes peeled. There are creatures, people and even yourself to worry about here. Your judgement can affect this world and how you survive it. Be careful who you trust and who you turn away, it could be all for something or nothing. Use items efficiently but don't put yourself in a life or death situation just because you want to save items, that is the whole point you are gathering them.

The combat is straight forward but you will need strategies to defeat some of these enemies. There are boss battles with all bosses differing heavily from one another. Be sure to keep focus and figure a way around every scenario because trust me there is a way. The whole game cannot be beaten without killing, there is no pacifist mode. This is about your survival. You save your game with the limited amount of flash drives around the world similar to the classic resident evil games but with a modern twist to it. Good luck and I hope you enjoy.

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Progression of the game depends on you

This is just a test demo to see if people like the concept enough for me too continue working on it. If not I will drop the project and work on something else. I just don't have as much time as I want now and days so i'd rather not waste time by working on something no one wants.
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  • SoraKazama
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Shooter Adventure
  • 01/02/2017 10:34 AM
  • 04/08/2017 02:25 PM
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