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Two foodie friends meet up for a grand opening of a new restaurant, which they have been anticipating for some time. Embarking upon their journey, they soon discover a new toll bridge obstructing their path. Furious, Samantha gets out of the car and decides to track down the responsible party.

'The Bridge Tolls For Me' is a casual puzzle game with a few story elements to segue between the puzzles. Based on the Insanity Jam Game Idea Generator, this is the 2nd in a series of games based on that website.


Short Game (Around 10 minutes)
No RPG grinding!
Car Chase!



A smart and tough young woman, she's had a rough and tumble beginning. She's settled down now, mostly, and just tries to live a quiet life, but she can get impassioned about things which she disagrees. Her and her best friend Yo-Yo Mahm enjoy traveling around sampling new cuisine. They get especially excited about Grand Openings.

Yo-Yo Mahm:
World Famous Cellist Yo-Yo Mahm is known for his skills on the cello. He is not as well known for his equally skillful ability to pack away calories. Like a human food vacuum, he is always in search of his next meal. He and Sammy have been fantasizing about a gastric globe-trot, they just need to save up a little money and not eat it up.

Coming soon: Mobile & HTML 5 versions!

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