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Language: English
Version: 3.0
System: This game works in Android devices since v2.1.


9 free choice levels with 3 difficulties: easy, normal and hard.
These levels help to prepare for other 2 locked levels.

The control is simple:

* Touch any option to select. Touch again the selected option to accept.
* Drag the airplane with the finger to move to both sides.
* Touch the airplane for shoot the artillery.

The game has options to annul the BG Music, Pause game & back to Main title.

Don't you have too much time to play? This mini-game is ideal for you!
If you're a fan of this type of games, you'll love Air Force Gear which provides you hours of fun.

You can repeat the game as many times as you wish by restarting the rankings.


You must become at the end of each level keeping your damage bar (where you control the airplane status) and the fuel bar (which is automatically emptied).

Whether the damage bar or the fuel bar reaches 0: game over.
When you destroy enemy airplanes, you can receive an item:


Normal: Change the current ammo to the default ammo (unlimited shots that they do 1 damage point).
Maverick: The next 10 shots do 2 damage point.
Harrington: The next 10 shots do 3 damage point.


Repair: You recover 5 damage points.
+Fuel: You recharge 5 fuel points.


Lapsed Fuel: You lose 5 fuel points.

You can review the game ranking accessing from the main title. Take into account that your ranking can change depending either if you have destroyed all the enemy airplanes or not.


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  • 01/10/2017 05:22 PM
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