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Featured Game Give Away!

  • orange-
  • 10/06/2020 12:27 PM
Oh wow! Fear & Hunger got on the front-page? Wasn't expecting this.

RMN, you have my deepest gratitude! RPG Maker community has a dear place in my heart, despite not being that active member around these parts of internet. I actually started my game making on Don Miguel's forums ages ago and it had a very big impact in me eventually returning to this stuff. And that's also the reason I've stuck with RPG Maker, despite what 99% of internet tells me. So getting featured here really means a lot to me.

To celebrate the front-page spot, here are few free Steam keys for the game. First ones to get them, gets them, sorry :/ Please don't hog more than one!


Would love to hear what everyone thinks of the game. It's a bit divisive and I don't mind even heavier criticism.


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That's awesome! Thanks for the give-away~
Been trying the demo a bit so far and watching playthroughs on Youtube since my progress has been really slow (not sure if it's rigged or if my luck is somehow really really bad, ive only got 1 coin toss out of like 6-8 tries for saving my game.)

If there was any way to create a mode that takes out the coin toss for saving to play it in a 'safe mode' I'd definitely go for it. Or just take it off the first save point bed near the start (for the first save only if that helps), since regathering every single item i can find in the first 3 rooms over and over just to die is a bit discouraging.
Yet I still want to keep trying and discovering more about the game.

Edit; On trying the actual version, there seems like there's items to help with the above issue, which is awesome~!

I'll probably make another post or such at some point after I give the game a real go when it finished downloading the full thing.

(Btw the discord link says it's invalid. ^^')

Thanks again for the super creative game!
Thank you so much for the give away! <3 ^_^ I got my copy now on steam now! :D I really love dark dungeon/dark souls type horror RPG's! So this is gonna be great! Amazing job and congratulations for the featured game! Very well-deserved!
@Starmage, I'm glad you got your copy! I wasn't sure if this was a good way to give away keys, like is there some bot scanning internet 24/7 for this kind of stuff? But apparently at least some people were able to grab their copies.

@Knightowl, I updated the Discord link. And yeah, the full version has more leeway in its saves. You get one save free and there is the whole Lucky Coin system that gives you better chances in coin tosses in general. The game does give you safe and sure savepoint later on in the game. The original intent was that the early part is kinda like roguelike where the player is encouraged to try different things with each new playthrough, but I think it's not told well enough and pretty much everyone tries to force their early saves. The game and me is to blame for that, but hopefully you'll be able to get into the groove regardless. If there're any big problems, maybe I can help a bit.
I've been spending more time watching playthroughs on youtube of F&H 1 and 2 than playing so far, mentally preparing myself or so I suppose.

I did get myself on somewhat solid footing on a dark priest character so far though. I must say I do love all the intricacies and effort and thought that was put into these two games. The days system and number of characters with their potential backstories or ability to discover how/why they might die/where they go sounds very promising and im sure is alot of work.

Since discovering the first save is free and the lucky coins to help ease the difficulty of saving and other rng aspects, I don't have much other suggestion at the moment.

I think most people probably try to force an early save so they feel like they have a 'footing' to start off with and work their way from there instead of the very beginning every time. Like that's their personal hoard so far/save file they can build off of. Maybe it's just me.
I've been spending more time watching playthroughs on youtube of F&H 1 and 2...

Yeah I totally get why people are playing like that. Especially how difficult the game can feel initially, it's nice solace to get a successful save. That's why I'm designing the second game to support that kind of gameplay more. F&H: Termina has got a safe savespot in the very first area without any catch really. (time does progress every time you save the game, but that only affects certain endings)

In general, Termina is going to be more welcoming experience. I don't want the game to be as hostile towards players.
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