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It starts out simply enough. An apprentice at a small-town potion shop is out looking for potion ingredients when she accidentally falls into a cave. With monsters in it. Despite her lacking much combat skill beyond blocking and throwing potions, the apprentice apothecary Brill is thrust into an adventure, with the fate of the entire continent of Ruphand hanging in the balance. It may seem like a story you've heard before. But not everything is quite as it seems in this story...

Ruphand is an episodically-released JRPG where, for the most part, you're guiding Brill, an apprentice apothecary whose only offensive skill is throwing exploding potions at the bad guys. Fortunately, she's quite good at taking samples- which basically translates to picking things up off the ground that she can use to mix more exploding potions. Managing your inventory and seeking out hidden treasure will allow you to amass an arsenal of potions and equipment that will allow Brill to face more powerful foes.

Each move you make has a Windup and Delay time; Windup determines how long it takes for a move to be used after it's selected, while Delay determines how long the user must wait before they can select another action afterward. Almost everything is shown up front; you'll see when enemies are readying attacks, and can time your own moves based on that.

Blocking isn't like it usually is, either; instead of simply halving damage, you'll take less damage from most attacks based on your shield. Each of the six elements- Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water, Earth and Wind- has a special effect associated with it that can turn the tide of battle.

Ruphand is an episodic game that will release newer content over time. Previous versions will be able to move their save data over to the latest version of the game when it comes out. As of the most recent release (Version 0.2.4), the content available in-game can provide about five to six hours of gameplay.

Development Blog
Click here! The blog has development updates as well as a Downloads page, screenshots, and bug reporting.

Ruphand 0.3.2 - also available as Main Download or on Downloads page
Earlier Versions:
Ruphand 0.3.1 - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.3.0 - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.6 - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.5 - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.4 P1 - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.4 - also available on Downloads Page
Ruphand 0.2.3 (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.2 (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.1x P3(MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.1x P2(MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.1x P1(MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.1x (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.1 (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.2.0 (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.1.5 (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.1.4 (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.1.3 (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand 0.1.2 (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand_0.1.1 (MediaFire) - also available on Downloads page
Ruphand Version 0.1.0 (MediaFire)

How to move save files from an earlier version to a later version
-Go to your old version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-If you have saved files, there should be a folder named "save"; right-click the folder and select "Copy".
-Go to your new version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-Paste the old save folder into the new version's www folder by entering the www folder, right-clicking inside it, and selecting "Paste".

Made in RPG Maker MV
Enterbrain (RPG Maker MV, also XP and 2000 resources)
Yanfly (Yanfly Engine Plugins)
Akashics (Monster graphics at www.akashics.moe)
Hime (Plugins)
chronosv2 (Death Common Events plugin)
SkottyTV (Window Graphics)
whtdragon (RTP tileset edits)
flirion (RTP charset edits)
Soleil-musique (BGM at soleilmusique.web.fc2.com)
Saia Hyouseki/FREEDOM HOUSE (BGM at http://fhouse.s17.xrea.com/)
Terozu (Pirate ship sprite, me hearties)

Latest Blog

No blog entries have been posted yet.

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Update 0.3.2 is finally released! It's available on the Downloads page as usual.

This update will add a new area to the game. Jad's Folly is a large dungeon, big enough to be considered equivalent to three smaller dungeons. It can be unlocked at around the same time the most recent Main Story dungeon opens.

As a side note, I'm now using MediaFire to host all downloads- but the ads should be completely gone from all MediaFire links to Ruphand! You'll still be able to get Ruphand from the same places: the download links on the main post, the download button on top of the page, or the Downloads page on the dev blog. It's just that now, you don't have to see any more unwanted ads!

Next up- quite literally up, in this case- is the next main story dungeon.

-Jad's Folly has been added in Defia. These ancient ruins are initially closed off to the player. But once you've spoken to Kazu in the Silent Clan Village at least once, someone will be waiting to speak with you in the cliffs to the south; talking to her will begin the sidequest that lets you into Jad's Folly.

Graphical Updates:

-Early-game areas through the Barrier Wood and Levitt's Landing have much more detail work done, courtesy of Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads plugin!

-A number of smaller bugs have been fixed behind the scenes, such as one that caused Snøfløyen's Frozen Flame attack to ignore Defense.

If you want to import your save files from an earlier version to a later version, follow these steps:
-Go to your old version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-If you have saved files, there should be a folder named "save"; copy the folder.
-Go to your new version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-Paste the old save folder into the new version's www folder.
Good evening!

After much deliberation and several unusual ninja-related incidents, 0.3.1 has finally been released! This update continues the main story, as well as fixing a few more bugs and adding some new items. Download it when you've got the time to give a new, unusual dungeon a try- or challenge a powerful new boss. Or both.

-The main story continues. For those who reached its previous end, visit Castle Evrandel and talk to the Knight at its gates to continue.
-In a lonely Assembly in Defia, a healer rewards those who have cured many innocents of injury and illness.
-The mysterious bank of fog that just popped up north of Brumar... is absolutely useless right now! But there's going to be more to it. Trust me on this.

-Enemies with animated battle sprites have had their pictures in the Bestiary fixed.
-A number of Bestiary entries had "spacing numbers" removed.
-Some of the Tier 3 potions that had erratic effects or were missing animations have had these problems corrected.
-The Storm Elemental's Storm Bane now properly displays its "Inflicts Wind Weakness if not Blocked" component.

Edit 8/18:
Previous issues, patched 8/18:
-A single NPC lacks dialogue in the Royal Castle.
-Marissa will be standing around the castle after the event where she appears. She won't have anything to say there.
-A few ninjas are a little too eager to climb around on the Dojo roof.
(A patch will be released soon that corrects these bugs, but thankfully none of them are game-breaking.)

Edit 2: As of 8/18, all downloads have been patched with the aforementioned issues fixed.
Evening, ladies and gentlemen! In this turbulent time, I have some amazing news! Well, okay, it's just pretty good news. Here is the news of indeterminate goodness I'm harping on about: 0.3.0 is live!

-The rest of the Arkenvali Academy is now open! And who knows- there's bound to be some secret places in an old school of magic... I'm fairly certain there's at least one den of monsters in the general vicinity.
-There may or may not have been some changes to Mt. Gwylio. I cannot confirm or deny the presence of Kobolds, because they told me to keep mum about it. ...oh, drat! Well, I'm not spoiling anything else- just make sure you stop by the Academy before going looking for secrets on Gwylio.
-The main story continues, with a new dungeon! For those who reached its end previously, your next stop is the Orvas Apothecary's Shop; talk to Genn about what's transpired recently. (There's a planned reward for one "side objective" of this dungeon that you'll probably see in the next update- not saying any more, don't want to spoil it.)

If you want to import your save files from an earlier version to a later version, follow these steps:
-Go to your old version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-If you have saved files, there should be a folder named "save"; copy the folder.
-Go to your new version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-Paste the old save folder into the new version's www folder.

-A few bugs have been fixed behind the scenes.

I'm still working on update 0.3.0, don't worry. I've been quiet for a while mostly because work has been going slowly due to other constraints, but almost all of the mapping for Arkenvali Academy's first floor is done.

The dev blog here has a screenshot featuring one of the monsters in the upcoming update: the shield-possessing Voltergeist!

EDIT: It's been several months and, due to a lot of things, I've had to delay 0.3.0- about a month or two more, I'm guessing. From now on, I'll be editing a post on the dev blog in the link above with how far along the update is.
I've just found out about a critical bug in 0.2.6 related to a face set filename that was changed by accident. I am uploading a fixed version soon, but if you have downloaded 0.2.6, you can fix the issue by going to www/images/faces and renaming Alra_Di.png to Alra'Di.png.

I will edit this message when I have uploaded the fixed version.

EDIT: All downloads of 0.2.6 are replaced with the fixed version; I also removed a few files that were from scrapped sidequests and subplots.
Afternoon, me hearties!

I've just released an update containing Mimic Moorage! This "dungeon" is really just an island west of Altolato with a lot of Mimics lookin' for a swashbuckle. Have ye the wits to take it on? Then download this latest update!

If you want to import your save files from an earlier version to a later version, follow these steps:
-Go to your old version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-If you have saved files, there should be a folder named "save"; copy the folder.
-Go to your new version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-Paste the old save folder into the new version's www folder.

It looks like that "one to three weeks" estimate was off by a bit. Mimic Moorage grew into more than I expected and more things outside of Ruphand popped up to delay me. As such, I'm likely going to need around two more weeks to finish it.

Just posting here to let everyone know what's taking me so long.

EDIT AS OF 10/4: I have once again underestimated the size of an update, as well as overestimating the amount of time I'd have to work on it each week, as it is already over two weeks beyond "I'm going to need around two more weeks to finish it." But Mimic Moorage will almost certainly be out this month, most likely before the 15th- I've just got a little mapping and some eventing to polish off.

I haven't posted since the release of about a month and a week ago. Sorry about that; work decided to pick up again.

However, I have started on the next update. 0.2.6 has a few minor interface changes- most notably, putting three items on each line in the Inventory menu in battle, to make it easier to scroll through a large collection and find what you're looking for- but the main feature is a new "dungeon" that's definitely different from the usual fare. Mimic Moorage is a small pirate port, with both indoor and outdoor segments, where all the pirates are Mimics. This optional area will have a wealth of new enemy types lurking around, not counting the boss of the area, as well as a few unique rewards and a generous share of Sil and Ingredients found in treasure chests. (The ones that aren't trying to bite you, that is.)

I'm expecting to have 0.2.6 done within one to three weeks, depending on how much time I get for development each week. Until then, a screenshot of part of the Mimic Moorage will have to do; you can find a "teaser" on the latest post of the dev blog.
Afternoon, everyone! A new update is live!

After a bunch of bugfixes, I took a break from development, but now I'm back on it with a small update for you! This adds some encounters when you're sampling on the World Map in areas in Kitaban; a total of three such encounters have been added.

(I also fixed a minor bug with the Echo X-Tonic's Delay time.)

As it's a small update with content originally planned for 0.2.5's initial release, I'm calling it You can download it now!

If you want to import your save files from an earlier version to a later version, follow these steps:
-Go to your old version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-If you have saved files, there should be a folder named "save"; copy the folder.
-Go to your new version of Ruphand, and navigate to the www folder.
-Paste the old save folder into the new version's www folder.

It's been a few weeks since I posted here, so I thought I'd let you know that I've still got a minor update in the works, which will add encounters when you sample in most areas in Kitaban (one for each of the three provinces, Nortahn, Arkenvali and Defia). I was sick recently, which is why it's taken so long, but I'm managing to get good portions of it done; there's really only a single boss left to program. Hopefully I'll have the next update out soon!

EDIT: And I got slightly sick again. I'll try to have the update out by Saturday or Sunday. Should be out by Monday at the latest barring any ridiculous bugs.
Hey everyone!

I just updated 0.2.5 with a version that fixed the bugs Cryum mentioned in Tor Torken and the Sewers (especially the bug with Fremani's drinking water, whoops). Sorry about the wait, I was hoping to get the bugfix and a little new content out all at once, but then stuff happened with my schedule.

@Cryum: I'm still working on figuring out where the issue with Malixinne's sprite (and all sprites in the Bestiary) comes from. Also considering adding new enemy types to the Tower, in groups that start replacing the old types as you climb up, as the Challenge Tower is way too slow paced as it is.
Okay, dunno when I'm going to continue, but here's another batch of bugs:

Tor Token
First Guy is invisible after he's beaten
Not sure if I'm intended to walk on the prison toilet

Cheesed Black Knight 2 so hard he couldn't act, but I've really maxed out my ATB manipulation
Mali's beastiary entry is missing an image

Some White Mask event triggers remain even after beating the boss.
I have, yet again, found a hilarious way to softlock myself. I pulled out a raft in fremeni's drinking water, and now I can't get out. Already loaded up a previous file.

Blocking a poison attack while poisoned may remove poison. Need to see that again to confirm.

Not actually bugs
Challenge Tower is pretty slow. I suggest an alternate condition/restriction that, if completed, let's you jump 3-5 floors (You don't get extra sampling materials).
UPDATE: DocSpacebar resolved the issue with my savefile, and it won't be happening to anyone else anytime soon.

Game's looking good!
Good afternoon!

Recently I've been fixing several bugs in Ruphand. I was in such a rush to get 0.2.5 out that I didn't properly test everything, I just made sure it was playable to the final area. Sorry about that. I should've known better, what with Sonic '06 being a punchline for that exact reason. At least I can release bug fix updates, right? (...I'll try to make that the exception.)

Downloading the latest version of Ruphand will now give you the version with several nasty bugs fixed. The save files are transferred the same way as usual (move the contents of the old save folder to the new version's save folder), though you should make sure you weren't in any places with passability bugs. (The Barrier Wood had a few initially, and the Grand Ring Bay had tons of 'em. Tilesets, am I right?)

Next up, I'm going to be doing two things:

-Fixing any more bugs that I can find

-Adding some encounters to the areas of the map that have no encounters

Have a good day!
@Cryum: This really does seem odd. A few of the phasing enemies are as intended (there's one Autoreaper encounter that has the encounter going over low walls, intended to be the Autoreaper flying over the walls). The reversi puzzle uses switches rather than variables, I don't think that'd be an issue.

I found a save editor and used it to read some save files from different versions (I used 0.2.2 and 0.2.5, will check other versions later). Save files appear to have changed between versions, and a few minor ordering changes appear to remain even after the file is transferred, but the arrays used for items and equipment work the same.

The error itself appears to be in a "contains" call that's aimed at something that's somehow ended up null. I checked through Yanfly Item Core and Yanfly Item Categories and nothing popped out at me. Either the issue is save-transfer related, or somehow related to Tor Torken, although I'm not sure how. If it's the former, I'm wondering if Yanfly Save Core will fix the problem (since Yanfly's been bugfixing that thing for a while) or make it worse (since, well, it's a new plugin).

Next thing I'll be working on appears to be "bug squashing and rebalancing," so I'll keep thinking it over while I fix the easier bugs. \

Edit as of 5/27/19: Several more bugs have just been fixed, including missing linking events in Tor Torken. Haven't found the bug Cryum mentioned; still searching for the cause and a workaround.
Yes, actually. Pretty sure I ate another apple sometime in the first half of the forruno section.

About the only other unusual thing I can think of is:
>some monsters were phasing through walls to fight me
>I spent a looooooong time on that reversi puzzle(im bad at rubix cubes). Maybe I overflowed an integer somehow.

EDIT: I messed around with the save files a bit.
>Deleting config does not solve the issue
>deleting global.rpgsave DOES solve the issue, but kind of deletes my progress

So I'm guessing that either something's wrong with global.rpgsave, or ONE/SOME of my save files are borked, and I just need to delete the right one.

EDIT EDIT: Deleting all Forruno Tower files fixed the issue. That's not a HUGE deal, I only lost progress on that dungeon and the little secret something in the back of the snowy place, but I get the feeling that I'm just going to unknowingly trigger the bug again.
@Cryum: I've attempted to reproduce the inventory bug, but it's not happening on my end, even when I use Page Up/Down to check Garett's inventory. Not sure what could cause it. Obviously it's happening, and I want to determine what it is. Part of me thinks it might be an issue with deployment and I'm double-checking that right now. (Stairs bug is easily fixed, thankfully. Garett and the Tor Torken boss might also need a minor rebalance.)

Were you able to use the inventory before entering Tor Torken, or at any time inside Tor Torken?
Oh wow. Uhh, this is kinda urgent. Major issues with the forruno tower.

Can't access my inventory at all. This would actually be workable, except it looks like the boss can oneshot Garret through block. I can't eat anything to compensate, and even if I did it seems like he's too slow to do anything other than block the whole fight anyway.

Also, the stairs of the boss map don't work.

Edit: it may have to do with me using page up/down to look at Garret's equipment, but even when I pull up a save from before I go to the tower, the inventory is still borked.

I fixed some minor bugs in the new update, and have uploaded the fixed version of Ruphand 0.2.5. Downloading it should get you the version of the game without any of these bugs now.

If you find any more, report them and I'll fix them as soon as I can.
neat. Won't have time to really dig into it soon, but just a few things:

Low Road West entrance just after the stairs has an invisible barrel.

Garret mentions using Thunder magic....but I only see a healer, here.
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