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The Story of a Reluctant Hero who lives in a world where something is just not right.
Truly as cliched as it sounds.

I've been working on this project for a while, but since it's my first time making a game, I decided I should get some criticism and feed back.
That said, I'm welcoming all criticisms and feedback.

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  • 02/03/2009 10:21 PM
  • 06/04/2017 06:10 PM
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this games' pretty fun, I love the cracks at generic rpg stuff. very cool game
you can't use the esc key in the game to pull up the character stats(bug report)
So . . . Great Game !!!
But i need help , i can"t find a way to rescue the Princess Banality from the castle after Hero reads the note she left for him . I went to the place that witches duell in , but nothing as a clue to rescue the Princess .
Please help me !
You need to enter the castle from the back on the world map.

By the way, I encountered an issue with the screen going entirely black after the cutscene where Hiro opens the jail cells in Capital castle. You can still move and access the menu, the screen is just entirely black. I can't progress, but I'm going to try to remember how to leave the room and see if that will work. I definitely want to continue the game.

It's been a fascinating take on games that poke fun at RPG stereotypes.
where is that book i have been wandering around in that sewer
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The game is pretty cool and I like the story from how far I got (up until the castle prison alarm.) However, the downside is that the game is full of bugs and technical problems. Warrior's cripple skill has 0% accuracy. Some other spells are pretty useless. Bright/dark force cannot select enemy. And the reason I stopped playing was because after the cutscene where you pull the castle prison alarm, the screen was stuck in black and didnt fade out, making it impossible to progress.

It's a really good game story and character wise, but you should really get these technical issues sorted out. Especially the showstopper bugs. But given how old this game is, I doubt it. (Either that, or this demo actually ends here)
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