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THIS IS VERSION 1! VERSION 2 (with much better graph and grammars) IS IN PROGRESS AND WILL BE RELEASED SOON! (maybe, soon)

*so what does that means? can i play the game? yes you can. click the download button/find the download link in this page.
*why are you making the version2? that is because... i just want to.

Don't worry! For now, in you're interested, just play the current version!

It IS complete! Download is available, look above.


-Game Summary-

"You see.. I have that nightmare again tonight." -Bunny Basta

A dot world, where everything is divided by power. Bunny Basta, a rabbit-raced female in the Layer House, was given a strange dream --nightmare-- every night. So she seeks the Lazuli Blue, an item that can erase anything --even memories about her nightmare so that she can sleep well again. But, she keeps stumbling upon the word 'The Ruler', who controls the Dot World.

Just who on earth is 'he'? Maybe 'he' gave Bunny the dream for some reason..?


There are no jumpscares, there are battles (not difficult at all if you're on the right track), and there are one chase in the 'bonus thing' after completing the game. It has no dangerous scene or something like that, thus the rating is simply 13+.


-Game Data-

> Title : .dot / .dot world / .
> Author : Kanatakkun (www.kanatakkun.tumblr.com)
> Version : 1.01
> Genre : RPG, Mystery, Friendship (?)
> Gameplay : 30 min ~ 1 hour
> Tools : RPG Maker VX Ace


-Special Features-
> Three Bad Ending(s), Four Ending(s), and One True End!
> With a Bonus room and Three Extra Stories after you beat the game.
> There's normal battle like other RPG too, but not particulary difficult.
> Custom tileset and characters made by me. (I got tired with the normal RTP, so, yeah. I redraw all of them myself.
> Bonus... something inside.

*To access the something (like extras), you must get an Ending or a True Ending~


> Move : Arrow Keys (Up, Left, Right, Down)
> Interact
/Select : Spacebar, Z, Enter
> Open Menu
/Cancel : Esc, X, C
> Run : Hold Shift + Arrow Keys
> Screenshot: F6 / F7 *can't use ss when a text window appear.
/Mapshot NOTE: do not use mapshop. It may spoil the game before beating it.
> Skip Text : Hold Ctrl (handy if you wanna skip long story)

*The game controls guide is in the game, you can check them again there.

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How do I get the true ending and bad ending 1?
How do I get the true ending and bad ending 1?

Do these in order.
Find a Sparkling Flower in the Backyard Layer.
In Alphose's Layer, read every readable paper (there are three of them, keep checking).
Just before the last choice (the path to Agni's Chamber), try to return to the door again and/or canceling things a bit until you found another piece of paper just by the door to the chamber.
After that, in the last choices, there will be another choice. Select it.

But there are bugs somewhere in the true ending and I haven't fix them yet...

EDIT I forgot to add how to get bad end 1.
Easy, just lose when fighting a MadBit.
I'm loving the art and pixel style! Will download and tell you my thoughts. :) I really hope you DO make version 2. Hype!!
I'm loving the art and pixel style! Will download and tell you my thoughts. :) I really hope you DO make version 2. Hype!!

Thanks! ^^ The version 2 is still in progress, it's done about 75%~ I'll update as soon as V2 is ready!
Kanatakkun, please reup the game.
Dropbox link is broken =(
Ah, almost forgot: Your tumblr is down. It appear dangerous site O_O
hoi. is this thing still alive? or is it permanently dead?
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