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A Beautiful Mess

  • sawworm
  • 02/09/2018 07:10 PM
Game: Rezident Evil: It Is Escape
Review version: REISE v102
Playtime: 6 hours

Since it's impossible to review this game with a serious mentality, you gotta sink its world. This game is bloody hilarious and surreal. I laughed way more than I expected. I know creating silly games are way harder than crafting a serious story, so I really appreciate what you did with this game. Let's get into details.

Woa ;)


This is the funniest mess I've ever seen. After a nice detailed cutscene that gives you a recap you'll immediately see this game is so wrong yet so right on the most point.

T-virus revives T-rex!!! Oh no! You also get involved with the terrorists, ninjas, Russians and actors...

I really want to explain what's going on with the story... but I can't put the right pieces together. Jill and Tom's Engrish dialogues are absurd as hell,
you try to figure out what the hell is going on with the story, but when you understand it you totally get into another mess that makes you forget what you understand.

The game's dark humour can be a huge throw off, if you are a weirdo like me you'll totally enjoy the rest of it, even when it throws you into disgusting places. I mean the world we live in is already a dark and disgusting place, so it doesn't bother me a bit... well to be honest Jill x Tom's cutscene made be a little bit uncomfy...

I really liked the part when you gotta see Jill's past where she wants her Dad's approval (like). In order to do so, she needs to kill DOGS, SO MANY DOGS... DOG LOVERS = TRIGGERED.

A very touching story...

Well, you can't take this game's story seriously even if you want to, it always does its thing to distract you anyway. From its silly and absurd perspective, it's super successful. Getting 4 Matt LeBlanc pictures never been this entertaining. HEY~ HOW YOU DOIN'?

Oh, did I mention Tom's hints are super useful?

T-thanks Tom.


Oh boy, I think this is the most impressive technical aspect of this game. Enemy battlers are masterpiece, they are beautifully crafted (butchered) by the developer. Battlers are bizarre and mixed up... Ummm... I'm out of words when talking about battlers... If you play this game you'll get why.

It's clear to see how much time the developer spent with the graphics. There are incredible amount of custom battlers, tiles, UI, battle animations and animated objects.

Cocaine section and glitch section just blew my mind. How do you do that? You are a madman.


Battle animations are literally 10/10, it can't get any better than this. Capcom please hire this guy!

~Music and Sound~

Holy... Moly... has game probably have the biggest music library in any RPG maker game. It has so many tracks, I mean we are looking at the total of 216 music file... also, so many sound effects, they are mind-blowing.
It has so many different themes that fit with the atmosphere. Action? check. romance? check. drama? check. hot ;)? check. I can already see this game will get so many copyright strikes on the youtube just for this lol


Rezident Evil: It Is Escape, is offensive, abusive, disgusting but hilarious game. When you play most parody games the humour can get old pretty fast, I was expecting this game also can get old. But it actually never did.

It seems the developer funny enough took this game seriously when making it and give all his heart to it. When I look at the files this project it says this project started in 2012, 6 years for making this weird project? Now that's what I call dedication and making it 6 hours long game? When I created my first parody game which it was super offensive to even get published in here I can only make 30 minutes of content and it was tiring.

Gathering that many custom assets, different style of mini-games are so crazy. I hope someone makes a Let's Play of this game and we gotta watch the player's suffering.

Long story short, this game is one of the best parody games I've ever played and I really enjoyed every bit of it. If you are looking for something VERY different, please do yourself a favour and play this masterfully crafted game. It's brilliant and funny.

I press Space to give this game 4.5/5 stars!


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Oh, man. A review full of praise... for this thing I made ha ha Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

"When I look at the files this project it says this project started in 2012, 6 years for making this weird project?"

At a very, very slow and piecemeal pace. I've started many (more serious) games in the past and never finished them; but for some reason, this is the one I completed. Go figure. I also kept adding to it when I had (or was given) new ideas, as well. To such an extent that it took 4 years longer than it should have....
Oh shoot, I killed grammar in there... I feel like Tom is possessing my soul.

You're welcome! It was fun from start to finish. Well, your ideas indeed worked in your favour, battles are balanced, quick time events were hilarious, for a parody game you balanced everything nicely. If I ever going to make parody game I'll definitely make something like those quick time events. Brilliant 10/10

If it's balanced, it's accidental ha ha. I did try to make it play a little better. The original version was boring as hell.
Some monsters are pretty hard to beat though, my shotgun hitting like 1 to them :~D But I used my offering currency to buy lots of MP ups. Life Drain is pretty dope.
Was it one with an armour sprite? The idea was that you could use DEF down on them to make them vulnerable, but I never really explained that. Same with Speed down and Attack down. I'll have to add some explanation.
I believe so, most of them were with armour. So I used the quickest way... fixed damage! :~D
It's just as well the skills work that way. It would have made combat very tedious if they didn't.
I would have given the game a similar rating. It's exactly my kind of humor and the game does a pretty nice job in what it tries to be.
Keep up the professional work, lol.

Thanks for the endorsement! I'm just waiting for the 1-star review from a user condemning this game as an abomination ha ha
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