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Sideways is a game developped for the Winterruption event. As a result, it mainly focuses on sidequests.

This is an attempt to make a peaceful, meditative game focusing on an ambience inspired by the Chinese/Mongolian/Tibetan countryside. In addition, as a personal challenge, the game does not contain any dialogs and everything is communicated in some other manner.

A dreamer just arrived in this peculiar world. The inhabitants of this strange world happen to need the help of an outsider. Venture if you wish to help them or find your favorite spot and stay there to take a break and enjoy the soundtrack; it's your choice.

Here are the quests from the event used in the game:

- The Ballad of the Grey Man
- Blood on the Snow
- A Bridge over Trolled Waters
- Dark Side of the Road
- A Grave Remembrance
- The Last Dancer
- Any Port in a Storm
- Rune of the Moon
- Twin Souls
- Visions and Voices
- All's Well That Ends Well

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  • 01/26/2017 12:42 PM
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  • 02/12/2017
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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Woop! I'm entirely in love with this concept. I hope that it plays as well as it sounds. Behind you the whole way. Can't wait for the demo, but I'll have to.
Cool that you have the game page up! Will give it a try when finished.
Superstoked for this!
And reading the description, it looks even better.
Wow, yeah, pretty unique/underused concept! Ambiance seems pretty cool.
Just completed (beat?) it. It was great. I love the quote, to go along with the inhabitants of the game never speaking. Very good use of looping and screen movement; way to use those Xs and Ys. The puzzle took me forever for some reason, but all in all I think you accomplished precisely the game you set out to make. Bravo.

Edit: Just played your Trials game, too. Great games.
Updated the download. Some of the sounds were TOO DAMN LOUD!
This was probably the favourite of 2017 for me. Mainly because it was one of the few RM games I've played last year but it's cool seeing an rm2k3 game going for not just visual aesthetics but functional aesthetics as well. Hard to describe what I mean though.
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