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You control your destiny, Name your hero/heroine name your allies, customize your stats. Go through a world that magic has been long forgotten and people are corrupted for power. Are you the one to save the present, past and future of this world, and bring back the power of magic? Or will you be also lost in the corruption of this world? You decide!

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The begining

Well I have been working on this for a while this has been my 4th game yet I will still call it my first. Since the rest were noobish and I almost had no clue what I was doing ^^;; Still finishing up the character sprites and also some battle sprites the game so far looks good even though there is quite a long way to go. Duel system might need more work on but so far its going well also today worked on more of the character faces I will try to put up more screen shots.
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  • Sumaka
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action RPG
  • 02/03/2009 11:10 PM
  • 04/29/2011 05:42 AM
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sounds good.... but maybe just another game lost in the abyss....
My mind is full of fuck.
Properly canceled :(
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