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This is the English translation of the game "Dreamfarer".
Developers: Harrymiao and Kagari·joshua.
Translator: RabbitonBooks

- Story -

This child has lost her dreams.
"I don't need dreams. I don't want to dream.
Let me wake up.
And forget everything."
She says.

The man is drowning in the dreams.
"Please let me stay. Forever.
Because there is no way back."
He says.

Dreamfarer is an adventure game with beautiful dreams (as well as nightmares), puzzles, a hint of si-fi and a teaspoon of horror elements.

Though it's not a horror game, it contains dark themes, flashing images and some spooky moments. (Trigger warning: suicide, mentle illness).
There is no chasing or game over!

- Features -

☆ There are five endings: BE1, BE2, HE, NE, TE.
☆ The estimated playtime is 1~3 hours.
☆ The game has about 60 CGs, and volume settings!
☆ The CGs you've collected are in the Star Gallery, which you can enter on the title screen. So are the soundtracks.

☆ When you have HE or TE with 10 stars collected, the Extra Room will be unlocked.

In the Extra Room, you can talk to every character, watch five Short Episodes, and see all the items and endings you've collected.
Watch the Short Episodes on the TV.

☆ After finishing the game, talk to the creator in the Extra Room to have a password. (Please do not post or share the password.)

There are some early designs, headcanons and some random stuff...These can be shared a bit, but not the password!

- Tips -

☆ Shift (running) is just for a faster gameplay.
It'll be unable to go to the next map if you keep HOLDING SHIFT.

☆ Some items will not function automatically.
Players should select and use them to proceed the game.
While some items will be used automatically when it is the time...It's not a bug that players can't select and use them.

☆ Extra Room can only be unlocked when you collect ALL the stars.
There will be a new option on the title screen.

☆ If you have problems in collecting all the CGs or Endings, please check the walkthrough.
NO.83 CG is in a hidden BE2.


Click "Game.exe" to play.

X: Cancel/Menu
Space/Enter: Interact
Shift: Run
A: Change views


All the art works in the game are ORIGINAL.
Please DO NOT use or distribute them.

It's OK to make Let's Play videos.
It's OK to record the Extra Room contents, but please DO NOT show the password.
Please do not have insulting/aggressive languages in your videos.

Visit the blog for bug reports.

Thank you for playing!

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It says the game is complete but there is no download link :)
It says the game is complete but there is no download link :)

The dev is still editing some pictures and UIs...(which I thought could be done very soon), I guess I'll change the complete status for now, sorry! D:
Looks good! I want to try the game later. ^^
Any idea how much longer till this comes out?
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