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Dreamfarer Walkthrough

To enjoy the game, please try to figure out the puzzles by yourself…but if you are stuck, here is the walkthrough.
This walkthrough only provides some hints because the puzzles are actually rather simple.
There are seven stars in the first half of the game, and three more after you reach the building.

How to achieve all the endings:
If you refuse all the requests, you will find the dialogues are hints to the endings.
The number of stars is important to the endings.

BE1: Sorry, I’ll go by myself.

BE2: Few stars.

BE2*: Escape the reality (It’s basically the same as the “Few Stars” BE2, but a CG can be unlocked here).

NE: You have more than 5 stars, but fail to collect the 10th star.

BE3 (HE): You have more than 7 stars, and collect the 10th star. Polaris doesn’t recollect her memory.

TE: You have more than 7 stars, and collect the 10th star. Polaris remembers everything.

(It’s suggested to have this ending after you’ve seen the extra contents).

How to collect all the stars:
It’s no fun if this is a detailed walkthrough! Try to think a bit more by yourself!
Details are important. You won’t discover anything if you just run all the way through the game!

1) It’s shining in the tree.

2) Can you do something for the unfinished doodle?

3) Can you find me some honey? You can’t? OK…just come back and let me know.
So…have you found anything golden, shiny and warm, just like honey?

4) I want to play in the garden! Can you talk to her? If the talking doesn’t work…maybe you can threat her a little?
What will scare a plant? The scissors? Not really…

5) Thank you for bring my hand back! Are you exploring? Fine! Before you finish the exploriation, you can have as long as you wish…but after your discovery, please give it back to me!

6) Into the darkness, towards the coldness.

7) Have you seen my dog? Baa baa, woof woof, chuck chuck, meow meow…where is the dog?

8) Black, grey, black, grey, black, black…Do they bother you so much, Polaris?

9) The reflection in the mirror.

10) “Sorry, I lied to you.”

The lost memory:

1) The swallow sitting in the tree…the black, soft feathers reminds me the promise I made.
2) My best friend, the little rocket, and the childish doodles.
What is the name?
3) Twinkle twinkle little star. The simple music came from the piano, and the foggy memory.
4) “Sorry, I forgot about you.” Call the name, before your final farewell.

The Extra Contents:

When you achieve the HE or TE with 10 stars collected, the Extra Room can be unlocked.
There are five Short Episodes…actually I didn’t plan to put so many CGs there.
Watch them after HE!

When you finish the TE, check this blog:
Enter the password to see some original designs and cute(…) headcanons.
(The Extra almost has more art works than in the game…)

Have fun!

For those who tried very hard but still can't find all the stars...
Contain poilers

1) In the tree, on the first map.

2) Snake Pot's Bakery. Check the magazine shelf on the left then check the doodle.

3) Talk to Snake Pot after you've got the star from the Bee, check the sunshine on the second map, ask Snake Pot for apples then use them in the sunshine. Give the candy apples to Snake Pot to have the star and a cookie.

4) Help Snake Pot to get some honey, talk to the Bee; Go into the tree hallow with the candle hand, lit the candle hand and go out directly; Use the candle to Lady Rose, then talk to the Bee.

5) When the tree hallow is lighted, change the view to Polaris's, then pick up the star. After that you'll have to return the candle.

6) When the tree hallow is dark, go inside to the snow globe.

7) The dog is among the sheep, check the animals in Polaris's view, you'll hear him barking.

8) Before you enter the reality tower, go a few steps ahead and you'll find a brick with a mark. Check in Polaris's view.

9) Look into the mirror in Polaris's view, then turn around, the star is behind you. If it's not there, take one more step then turn around.

10) When you have the scissors, sit down on the caoch. 1) Talk about every topic in Polaris's view, 2) the second topic in Almond's view, then 3) talk again in Polaris's view. You'll have a paper star.

If you still haven't found CG NO.83...

Go directly to the right after you've got the feather.
This one is really hidden...