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In Glow, players assume the role of the Apprentice who must follow the Master on their pilgrimage across the stars. The galaxy is a mysterious and dangerous place, however, and the two must work together to reach their destination.

Glow's gameplay focuses on a "Grapple Gun" mechanic where the character can latch onto Star Bits using its Light Ball to reach for things or to launch itself toward places it would normally not be able to reach. Certain Star Bits also allow for Star Chains, which allow the player to connect to more Bits and reach much further.

The game is around 20 minutes long and was completed in a little over a month. We're hoping to build a bettter looking version sometime soon, but most likely on a different engine.

Latest Blog

We're Remaking Glow

Our current version of Glow was made over five years ago in a little under two months for an exhibit for school. Between the tight schedule, an engine we had trouble working with and our general inexperience at the time, there's a lot about it we wish we did better. Still, we love this game and were plenty happy about how well-received it was when we showed it off. Personally, I feel like I owe this project for opening doors for me in pursuing game dev as a career after college. We meant to remake this sooner, but had to shelf the project to take care of other priorities like finding jobs after graduating.

We've finally settled down a bit and feel we have enough time and experience to give this a proper go now, and we're rebuilding Glow from the ground up. Our artist Katrina is happy to be getting back into drawing and animating for games after picking up new tricks from her time in studios like Kontrabida, Secret6 and Tose. We loved the original character designs from the first version, but we're excited to see how she spices things up some more.

Character redesign sketches by Kat

Our lead dev Amiel and my co-designer Allen went on to pursue careers outside of game dev unlike Kat and myself, so the two of them in particular are pretty psyched about working on a game again as well. Per Amiel's advice, we've moved the project over to Game Maker Studio 2, and we're pretty pleased with it so far. We've already built a prototype with most of the basic gameplay elements in place, and Allen's drafted a couple of levels to test them on already.

As with Version 1, the remake is intended to be short and sweet at an estimated 30 minutes of play time and will be released for free. While we may have gotten a little better over the years, we've found through another previous project that our ability to work together on the limited capacity we're able to commit to still needs fine-tuning. We also hope to finish this within the year, so we want the scope to be as manageable as possible.

All that said, we hope everyone is as excited as we are and we look forward to showing everyone more of the game and we'll provide regular updates whenever we can. See you all again soon!
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