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This is a short game (more like a demo) I made for the 2005 DBS contest at GW.

It's basically one long fight divided into 4 segments, with a total of 7 enemies to defeat.

Solstice was not made to be super playable, but more to showcase all kinds of possible DBS modifications. The games is chock full of scripts and unconventional skills. It is also very hard the first few plays, but once you discover the tactics needed to overcome your enemies it's very easy to beat. That was actually one of the main ideas behind the game.

The game's not without bugs, unfortunately. The first version was finished about a day before deadline, and so there wasn't much betatesting. Some bugs are also related to the engine itself - at times the DBS is very random, and some skills may or may not work based on which option the DBS fancies at the time.

They shouldn't be crippling, though, and you can finish the game without encountering any. It's simply that some more advanced skills may not do what they're supposed to, and instead opt to do nothing.

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I loved this when I first played it a while ago. Great concepts, quite deep for a little tech demo. :) Very inspiring, too. DE, you're one of my RM heroes, lol! :D
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Thanks, man :)

I'm also pretty happy with this little experiment, although now I consider it to be a bit over the top :P
DE, do you actually plan on making a full length RPG? Because I'd love to see this cool DBS in one!
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Well, there's like a one in a million chance I'd do one. I mean, I'd love to, but there's no way am I gonna do an RPG in which I'd be responsible for: story, scripting, mapping and graphics (obviously). Too much work for one (lazy) guy.

I have one short game planned for summer, though, also with a very original take on the DBS. But it's gonna be very, very short (30 mins - 1h maximum).
That was so SWEET. But i couldn´t figure the heck out of the code T_T
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Don't worry, me neither :D
Hey. Can i use this Windowskin? Pu-leeeeease?
I love it too first time but i didn't guess how to win the first battle anyway i think it's pro.
I see I am not the only fan of Live-a-Live
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Live-a-Live FTW.
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
o n the 5th day god created "solstice"
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