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Hey there! :)

It's been quite a while since I presented my other project here on rpgmaker.net. I guess now's the time to show you my main project which I've been working on the last 13 years... xD
I present you...

Until now this game was only in german but I put a lot of effort in an english translation of the third demo which should be ready soon...
Legend of the Silverstone is a classic JRPG with a little bit of adventure, horror and comedy? (that's what you decide...) Well and it's heavily influenced by my most beloved videogames like Final Fantasy 6 + 8, Grandia 2, etc.


Emulating his older brother the main protagonist Taka is about to complete his training to become a fully fledged soldier of the empire . Yet after a series of events involving a mysterious girl strange events start happening fast and Taka regains conciousness many years later in some unknown place. He's been imprisoned and can't remember what happened. After escaping he tries to find a way home to find out what happened... always on the run from his pursuers...


  • Nice music ;)

  • Mini games!!

  • QuickBattleSystem for the working Forumites and Makergameplayers (allows easier fights and leveling!)

  • A in some way special crafting system!

  • About 550 maps and many hours of playing time ^_^

  • Ingame artworks!

  • Enhanced default battle system (fully animated enemies, voice acting, energy bars) with nice battlecharsets and magic animations and limitattacks!

  • Partymembers walk behind the hero!

  • No random encounters!

  • Runesystem for enhancing armors!

  • Ghostmode for finding hidden treasures and other objects!

  • Eatingsequcences a la Grandia!

  • Many different facial expressions for the main actors!

  • Shadow effects if it fits!

  • Many animated charactersets!

  • A little extra at the end of the 4th demo!! ^_-

  • 2 difficulty levels ("normal" has more maps then "easy")

  • Unlockable scenes (three in the 4th demo)

  • The project is using DynRPG and I'm trying my best to use it to enhance the gameplay experience ;)

  • Xbox 360 Controller support


Demo status
About 20-40 hours of gameplay!
Project download size about 450MB (600MB unpacked)

Mapping: 45%
Story: 95%
Characters: 95%
Features: 85%
Battlesystem: 95%
Ressourcen: 60%

Download / Release

I need some more beta tests before release! If you want to help please contact me! :)

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Need help...

I want to help/participate/etc...

Awesome! Just write me how you'd like to help and I tell you if that kind of help is needed.
At the moment I need beta testers for the 4th demo (3rd demo in english with some improvements). I translated the game to english and even though I'm from Germany I'm no grammar nazi (haha) and I guess there might be a lot of mistakes or strange dialogues in the demo... I'd love to have some help from native speakers ^^
Due to having no more time at all for creating this game (two children and lots of work) I'd really appreciate help. If you like the game and want to help completing it without payment or other gratifications (except being named in the credits) you're welcome :)


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This project looks wonderfully polished.

20-40 gameplay hours is pretty damn impressive... O___0 Let me know if you need a potential tester - even if it's just to look over/review the English translation. I haven't played a great Rm2k3 game in a while. XD

Alright! >:) High quality, oldschool-vibe RM2k3. Sign me up.
It's going to be completed soon, right?
Alright! >:) High quality, oldschool-vibe RM2k3. Sign me up.
It's going to be completed soon, right?

errr... well.... it just took 14 years for the 4th demo with 20-40hours of gameplay... the complete game however should have about 80hours ^^; so I guess I won't make it in my life-time without a lot of help... that's the reason the demo will be version 0.45 like in 45% done xD

you can help me with the beta test though ^^ was your "sign me up" ment for the beta test or just for playing? ^^ if you want to test just pm me :)
Well, not at the moment D: My own game is still demanding of me, and IRL stuff is getting in the way too.
I'm just looking for a similar experience to what I got from Legend of Heroen. Something dripping with nostalgia that hooks me in and doesn't let go.
I totally dig this, subbed. Wish I could beta-test... but no time, sorry :(. Good luck with this!
I totally dig this, subbed. Wish I could beta-test... but no time, sorry :(. Good luck with this!

Thanks ^^ Hope to end the beta-test soon but it will surely take a while.. I guess about two months... hopefully earlier...
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