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Need help...

  • MarcL
  • 02/05/2017 08:36 PM
I want to help/participate/etc...

Awesome! Just write me how you'd like to help and I tell you if that kind of help is needed.
At the moment I need beta testers for the 4th demo (3rd demo in english with some improvements). I translated the game to english and even though I'm from Germany I'm no grammar nazi (haha) and I guess there might be a lot of mistakes or strange dialogues in the demo... I'd love to have some help from native speakers ^^
Due to having no more time at all for creating this game (two children and lots of work) I'd really appreciate help. If you like the game and want to help completing it without payment or other gratifications (except being named in the credits) you're welcome :)


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I could sent you the link, but I will let MarcL do it this time (he knows why and I would have to put a bugfix in).

Please notice:
  • Skip the intro for now, there's a really bad bug near the end and the beginning of the intro is even missing completely.
  • In Pandora, there's a jobcenter offering you 5 different jobs. You get a job due your interview. 2 of them are bugged and not solveable for now, so you can only do the 1.000 Gold, the 1.400 Gold or the 1.600 Gold job. The best (1.900 Gold) and the 2nd last (1.200 Gold) are bugged.
All other guides will be sent with your link.

Welcome to the team!
I don't know if you still need any help, but I would be able to help with the grammar.
I don't know if you still need any help, but I would be able to help with the grammar.

Thanks for your offer! I always appreciate help ^^ Just play the game and write down any bugs and grammar mistakes you find and send them to me :)
I can only offer you a credits entry though.. ^^;
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