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A Demo About Rebels

This is a demo review.
This is a review for the 4th demo which is downloaded on March 18th. I stopped playing because i'm stuck in an area and i can't seem to proceed. My playtime: 21:44:31 (based on in game clock).

Legend of the Silverstone is a turn based RPG game where you control Taka, a young soldier candidate, which has his life turned upside down on the day of his final exam. The game offers a lot of mini games and a unique quick battle system to make fights easier.

The game has decent mapping. The towns are all good looking and i didn't see anything wrong with it, except for the map that is very big. I also find dungeon designs to be great looking. An exception is the area on the way from Kingstown to Burgh Libra though, because that map has a lot of hard to see obstacles that is making it hard to pass through.

There are some maps that might need some improvements though, like the ship dungeon that has a very dark area and the forest dungeon that has a very foggy area that makes it hard for me to see anything.


I love the game's musics. There are a lot of good ones in the game. There's also my favorite Breath of Fire music in it too. The only complaint i have for the music is the sfx whenever Taka or Vena remember something; The sound is too sharp that it makes my head dizzy.

The game offers you to watch the prologue and intro (or either one) before you start a new game. However, i can't seem to watch both of them until the end because the game is lagging so much that makes the animations to finish very slowly. One thing that i noticed from watching the intro is that the intro texts are very hard too see because it's clashing with the background.

Uhh.. Let's see..

As for the main story, it's quite decent. The story at the start might be a bit boring because it mostly contains small talks, but it gets better as the story goes. I also like the characters' interaction in the dialogues. Some of the sentences need to be improved though - I see a lot of dialogues with a lot of exclamation marks (!) in it. There's even a question that is ended by exclamation marks instead of question marks, which is quite funny.

There's also this eating sequence where you move your cursor to a certain character to find out what they want to say, sometimes advancing the story. People who played Grandia might know about it and know what to do, but since i didn't, i got confused about it at the start and ended up leaving the screen without doing anything for a few seconds before i realized that i have to select a character to initiate a conversation. I don't really find it to be that necessary though because the conversation only have a maximum of 3 people and it doesn't looks like that it matters which one you're talking with because it'll be people who said nothing important (if he/she is the one whom you shouldn't talk to) or people who initiate the next conversation topic (if he/she is the one whom you're supposed to talk to).

There's also some NPC story branching that will affect their condition later. Although it doesn't affect the main story, it's quite interesting to read.

Lastly, I don't like that some events can only be triggered by waiting, especially when there's nothing to explore in the area.

The game
Before i start with the game, i must say that i love the main menu. The animation from the black screen to the scenery looks great. The second is that the game doesn't pause in background, which is great for me since i'm usually playing these kind of games with other games.

The first few minutes that i spent with this game was horrible. I didn't know where to go after i can control the main character so i ended up talking to everyone. However, there are so many people that i can talk to (and one of them initiates a lot of dialogues that i can't skip). I was quite confused because there's no clear instruction at what to do and i somehow can't see where to go (i also didn't recheck the tents because i can't go there previously and thought that nothing will change if i do that). Perhaps you need to make it more clear at what you should do and where you should go at this point.

The game offers 2 difficulty: normal and easy. I played the easy mode. It's not really that easy though because you might get killed by normal enemies. Yeah, normal enemies are pretty strong in this game and you might need to hit them a lot with your normal attack in order to beat them. You can always use your skill to beat them, but you can't recover your MP unless you sleep in a bed, find a healing save crystal (which will only heal you once), or use healing items, so it's not really a wise choice to do that. I ended up relying on the quick battle system to kill the normal enemies.

Quick battle system is indeed, a quick way to finish a battle. When you "touch" an enemy, a small bar and a pointer will show up, indicating that a quick battle system has been triggered. You just have to press Z button at the right time and if you did it perfectly, the battle will end. If you didn't, however, you'll be brought to the normal turn based ATB battle system. This is clearly more efficient since you don't have to waste MP and risk losing HP. There might be some times where you fail to execute it though. I admit i have a hard time to execute it properly in the prologue and in areas with a lot of particles in it (foggy area, desert with a lot of sand in it, etc) so i ended up saving and loading before doing it to make sure i got it right.

Speaking of saving and loading, i'm not really sure if this is an intended feature for the release or not, but there's a save option that shows up when you press X. I usually "cheat" using this feature to proceed the game easily. As for the menu itself, i find it quite hard to navigate because the pointer moves very quickly. It's not just once or twice when i go to the inventory menu instead of save menu because of that. Also, sometimes the inventory menu shows up when you press X instead of this menu.

The game has a lot of mini games in it and to be honest, i'm quite impressed by the amount of work that was done to make the mini games. However, some of the mini games are too long and laggy, making it difficult for me to finish it; Tales of Collecassare mini game is way too long and boring after you play it for a few seconds, the "ice sliding" minigame is good but sadly it's lagging after the mountain image shows up (there even a funny image where the whole screen is tilting slowly because of the lag), the forging mini game might be a bit boring if you do the same thing for 4 weapons, while the stealth mini game in the snowy area is a bit too long and hard to do in one try (a checkpoint or something in the middle will be nice; there's a certain spot where the enemy doesn't recognize you and it's quite randomized. it might be good to use the checkpoint to find this spot).

Wait, what's happening with the map?

You'll control 4 party members by the end of the demo. I haven't really try the capabilities of the fourth party member yet, but the second and the third party members are quite balanced. I feel that the main character becomes too weak in comparison of the second party member though (because he can double attack instead of one and he also has better buffs and more MP than Taka). These party members will learn skills based on their levels and they use their own unique weapon. There's not a lot of weapons in this game either so you won't really change it a lot. There are also some recipes hidden somewhere that can be used to craft the weapon that you want (which is usually better than the ones sold in the shop).

The game also have some runes that can be attached to either your sword, helmets, or armours. These runes will either give you elemental properties to your equipment or raise a certain status. These runes are limited though and you have to search them in the wilds to get them.

The game has major bosses in the dungeons (and sometimes outside the dungeon). Most of them are quite easy because you only need to spam your skills and be done with it, but the last few ones near the one where i stuck is a bit hard since there's a boss that needs a certain strategy to beat it.

Speaking of dungeons, sometimes, there are some riddles and puzzles in it. I'm not really good at finding the hints on the riddles, but they are very well made. However, there's one fight where you're supposed to lose that is taking too long (the Doppelganger fight in Tower of Truth). I think it should've been made obvious if you want to make it like that. There's also one puzzle which (the one where you have to look on the monitor) i can't seem to figure out how to get it done because it doesn't seem to be working when i tried it based on the dev's instructions.

There is one dungeon that i hate and like the most, the desert dungeon. I like it because it has a lot of area and a lot of places and secrets to explore (that i keep on missing). It's just that i hate it because there's an area where you can't freely move around and have to walk carefully.

Lastly, there are also some laggy areas in the game, especially the ones with an extra layer of particles like fog, desert with a lot of sand in it, airship, flickering flame, etc).

- 2 difficulty modes
- 4 party members
- Mini games
- Quick battle system
- NPC story branching

- Tons of lag
- Some dungeon areas are hard to see
- The first few minutes in the game is quite confusing
- Some events can only be triggered by waiting

This game has a lot of mini games and interesting story. Sadly, the game tends to lag a lot so it ruins the experience.

Final Rating: 3/5
I think the game's performance and some of the sentences need to be improved. Otherwise, it'll be a great and enjoyable game.


- I don't think you need to separate the skip intro in different menu. I think it'll be okay if you make it to:
~ Watch intro and prologue
~ Skip intro and watch prologue
~ Skip intro and prologue
- The waiting for the examination time is way too long. Why don't just make it so it'll start after you talk to everyone?
- When you control Vena and try to escape the guards in the factory(?), it's quite hard to see which paths are walkable and which ones are not. The machine that tries to grab you is also annoying. I keep on getting caught when i try to get a screenshot in that area.
- Move the save point in Desert of Death, in the demon boss area, to before you fight the demon boss.
- Reset puzzle (in the Desert of Death, the room to the right after you climb with a piece of wood)
- When you see the airship on the way to Libra, i think Leona's sentence need a better wording. "I've already seen in Libra! It's there often! You know because of the five judges!" I'm not an expert in English so i usually don't say anything with grammar, but this one has different meaning. "I've already seen" sounds like Leona has been seen (by the guards or something) in Libra. I think a better one will be: "I saw it in Libra! It often goes there. You'll recognize it by the five judges." (changed the last sentence for a better wording, but again, you might need to recheck the grammar. At least the sentence has the right meaning.

- After you go out from the exam dungeon, talking to Riag: "Hi Taki!"
- Heal All description: Heals all statusabnormalities (All) (missing space)
- Atk up description: Boosts attack power (single party members)
- After the first dungeon, when Taka, Riag, and Misato go to a town(?) to have some food, walk to the right side to meet a girl (Mary) and help her to carry the flower pot. After you succeed in doing so, Mary will say "Thank you very much for waiting so long! It only took exactely one minute!"
- When you want to forge but you don't have enough materials: "I'm still missing ingrediants... I should take a look at what is missing!
- When you're on the ship and found the dead body: "Inspektor: Stop!!! I told you not to move!!!"
- When you're on the ship and found the dead body: "Ship inspector:: Tell it to the marines! Men!!! Get him!!"
- When you're released and after talking to Ship inspector and accepting his offer: "Dito..." (it should be ditto)
- When you're talking to the Warrior guy on the upper ship after you accept to find the murderer: "No... I gambeled away all my money in the casino in the second class that night... Why're you asking?"
- After finishing the ship dungeon (captain's speech): "That's why we thought that this evening we will celebrate our heros! Afterwards they can rest for the rest of the trip!" (i think the sentence also need some work)
- When talking to Arek just after you reach the mansion in the forest: "I'll put my stuff in that cupboard an then rest a little bit!"
- The book that has love spell in the mansion says that the person with a brown eyes should do the kissing although Taka is saying about someone with blue eyes afterwards.
- After you release Kaori and want to say good bye: "Kaori... I'm delighted to have made your acquaintance... I hope we're able to meet again sometime!"
- When you're speaking to Misato's father, it's written as "Misatos father".
- When you're in the city where the emperor is giving speech, talk to the dark green(or brown?) haired guy lining up near the cafe (the one on the bottom line): "I hope my ticket is enough to get inside! I overslept and forgot my identy card..."
- Emperor speech: "No I ask you my friends... Do you want to standy by my side as we approach this wonderful future?! Will you stand"
- Soldier dialogue on flash back after Riag(?) blocks Taka's attack when the emperor speech happens: "You're country lost the war! Your king is dead! NOW HURRY AND ANSWER OUR COMMANDER!!"
- When talking to Vithar in the cell, after 2 days: "You'll never adopt to it... Someday it all feels just like some neverending nightmare..."
- In Desert of Death, when the trio are eating the rabbit, in Arek's dialogue: "Daeron... The captial of Daeron is the burgh Libra! That's our destination!"
- In Desert of Death, when the trio are eating the rabbit, in Taka's dialogue when Vena is talking about her past: "empire love the army! On the other hand... It were imperial soldiers who where the guards in my slave camp..."
- In Desert of Death, when the trio are eating the rabbit, in Taka's dialogue when Vena is talking about her past: "one isn't interested in other people's problems I guess... I guess I was just selfish!. Or maybe it's only human..." (notice the dot after the exclamation mark)
- After you go to the castle in Kingstown: "You're being awaited in the throne rooml! Please follow me!"
- In Tower of Truth, when Taka and Vena find each other: "Vena... I really ment what I said..."
- After you exit Tower of Truth and beat Dai: "I let you live this time! But next time... I garantee for nothing! Do not get in the empires way! Or you"
- After you exit Tower of Truth and Cardinal comes: "I will only say it once! You can stay in this town this night! Then you will leave! Here you are your pass! And do not waste any"
- When Leona breaks into the trio's room when they are sleeping in Kingstown: "Really?! Oh well... Must have been unconcious! My mom was very strict you know..." (i think the sentence needs a better wording tbh; also, it's unconscious, not unconcious)
- When Leona breaks into the trio's room when they are sleeping in Kingstown: "Would you shut up now! Who are you guys?!| Are you accomplices of that woman?!"
- Fireball description: "Burn your enemis to dust!"
- Life description: "Wakes an unconcious party enemy!"
- When you analyze Itora, it says 4v1, even though it's 3 vs 1.
- When you buy something to the travelling merchant after you run from Kingstown and close the shop dialogue: "Thank you very much! If you have any other wishes just tell me! Do you want a bill as a garranty card?"

Untranslated sentences:
- Heal description is still in German.
- When you press X in the Tales of Collecassare game, the language is still in German.
- When you want to forge but you don't have enough materials, you'll be shown the list of the materials in German.
- When you train in the forge and exit in the middle, the language is still in German.
- The chest in third class, in the ship, across the room where Taka was sleeping is still in German.
- When you're in the ship, in the battle with the zombie, "Verstärkung erscheint!" will show up when the zombie summons another (and keeps on popping up several turn afterwards).
- After finishing the ship dungeon (captain's speech): "Kapitän: SO LET'S START EVERYONE!! EVERYONE HELP TO SET UP THE PARTY! GROG FOR EVERYONE!!"
- The options of NPC in the item shop (shelter) in the forest is still in German when you talk to him for the first time.
- The clock in the first floor, in the room in the left side of the top right corner area of the floor is still in German.
- The bottom cupboard (or shelf?) in the first floor, in the room in the right side of the right corner area of the floor is still in German. It's the cupboard that are close to the entrance. One of them is saying "Leer..." while the other tile is saying "Empty...".
- When you open the secret passage in the library in the mansion (the one where the Grief book lies), the language is still in German.

The treasure chest over there is still in German.
- In Desert of Death, when you fight the true form of the demon that you have to fight after you exit Labyrinth Desert, the demon is still talking in German.
- In Tower of Truth, when you're controlling Arek and chasing after Dai and try to exit the room from the south exit, the language is still in German.


Collision error in the intro.

Weird text placement in the training grounds.
- After the first dungeon, when Taka, Riag, and Misato go to a town(?) to have some food, walk to the right side to meet a girl (Mary) and help her to carry the flower pot. Press shift when you hold the pot. An error that says "The file NPCszenenPosen-run cannot be opened." will pop up and the game will restart.
- Same with above, but don't hold shift. Move around to break the pot instead. The dialogue will be in German. Mary will also say thanks and suddenly hit me without saying anything that's saying that her pot is broken.
- Same with above, but don't break the pot. The game will hang.
- When you press X quickly (or just spam it) in the Tales of Collecassare game, you'll sometimes open the menu.
- Tales of Collecassare ends after you get 6 foods although the instruction says that you need to collect 10 foods.
- After you finish Tales of Collecassare and press "Continue", you won't be able to move and when the dialogue to choose the music pops up, you'll still be able to be damaged by the enemies.
- When you reach to the area with a lot of rooms in the ship for the second time, Arek will say "I guess we can move faster from here on again..." although they're on the entrance and Taka's sprite will changed to Arek, making 2 Areks appear at the same time.
- When you load from a place with lighting, the area becomes covered by the lighting that you hardly can see anything (except the area structure)

Error in the forest dungeon.
- The castle is shaking when you're saying farewell to Kaori.

Collision error.
- When you're on the "stealth" mini game in the snow, the guards are still moving when you open the menu with X.
- "Open monster training room..." and "Activate silent alarm..." options that show up after you use the password for the security options "7430" in the factory(?) is not working.
- When you control Vena and try to escape the guards, the guards will be not in their usual position (sometimes with no "red mark" to show their vision) after you're found out by the guards.

Arek has different font

There's an odd pixel in the desert (bridge in the world map) after you stay on Bob's place.

Collision error
- In Desert of Death, in the area after the windy area, if you go to the right exit and safe Iris, return to the previous area and go to the left exit, there will be an error:
Event script referenced an event that does not exist.

- In Desert of Death, when you find Iris' boat, the result by choosing Yes and No are reversed (Yes: cancel the dialogue, No: Iris left the party and the boat is used). I think it's because the Yes is in the first option before you reach the oasis tent, but it changed to be the second option after you reach the oasis tent.
- In the castle in Kingstown, in the room when you wait for the maid(?) to bring you to the king's room, the bottom left exit goes to the same spot as the upper left exit.

Collision Error when you're cosplaying.

In Tower of Truth, opening this chest makes the game freeze.
- After you finish Tower of Truth and get the ticket to Daeron, if you enter Tower of Truth again, you won't be able to leave since Prince Lif will keep on saying "Where do you think you're going?!"

You'll stuck if you try to go up here.


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Reading this feels like none of my bug reports have been fixed...
Reading this feels like none of my bug reports have been fixed...
haha, perhaps it's because i downloaded the demo before the dev fixes the bug reports? but again, the game is already in hiatus when i downloaded it so the dev might decide to postpone the fix until then..


anyway, i just realized that i put the wrong image in one of the bugs. i just fixed it though.
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