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In the quiet, modern Kingdom of Tyrallan, one man awakens to find himself deprived of his twonky and covered in fur. After desperately searching for his morning snack, he is told the fate of his sweet tube of lard and uncontrollable anger overcomes him. On a rage induced quest for revenge, Charles will stop at nothing to punish the thieves and those who harbored them or gave them safe quarter. Delivering vengeance at every turn, and launching missiles with reckless abandon.

Take on the role of Charles the Mad as he climbs aboard his Mech to raze the landscape and battle giant robots to reclaim his lost twonky. Or at least avenge himself on the thieves who deprived him of his morning snack.


Charles the Mad
Formerly Just Charles, he was once an average man living a quiet life in the countryside, until some cat burglars decided to burgle his home and abscond with his delicious tube of lard and sugar. Doing the only reasonable thing he can think of, he jumps into a mech and lays waste to the surrounding towns. Where he acquired a War Mech is still a mystery.

The most evil, and malignant entity. though it has been implicated in mass homicides and sustained campaigns of violence, nobody wants to believe the evidence that the treasured mustache is actually an agent of evil. It can strike anywhere, at anytime and it's presence can be devastating.


Crush cities!
Battle giant robots!
Easter Eggs!
Pilot a giant mech!
About 10 Mins start to finish

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pilot a giant mech and go on a rampage across the land. Then the game freezes after the final battle.
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