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Liberty Plays... Annice

  • Liberty
  • 04/25/2017 12:28 PM

The game has a lot of bugs in it's current condition (as of 25th April, 2017) and a lot of writing issues (to be expected of a non-English developer). It does have promise, but it needs a lot of fixing in order to be in an enjoyable state.

- Custom edits/graphics were nicely done and really made the game shine a bit more.

- Various bugs and writing errors.
- Some mapping and tile errors. (Make sure to use the B top-left tile (should be empty by default) to get rid of any tiles that are supposed to be empty tiles. Some of the ones you've used on the walls had lines in them that really look sloppy.)
- No explanation as to what to do when it came to certain parts (or making you think that you're supposed to do something else.) This, especially with the first key, is probably a writing issue, but it could have been fixed easily - don't give a choice when picking up the key in the first house. You can't leave without the key anyway, so pocketing it as soon as you see it would get rid of that issue. Then, with the part where you get chased, perhaps have him make a run at you and have Annice step out of the way. Give a small wait for him to move again, to give the player a small head-start and understand what they're supposed to do.
- Mixing of styles with graphics. The custom graphics are very nicely done, so it would have been nice to see all of the graphics done in that cutesy, simplistic style instead of mixing with the RTP (I'm not an RTP-hater, quite the opposite, but seeing those cute tiles against the RTP ones really made me sad.)
- Not a fan of dying with no reason. It really annoyed me to have died just because I picked the wrong answer - no explanation, just dead. It strikes me as the lazy way out instead of making some little scene showing the death. Even something as small as:
>Say wrong answer
>Toy minion stabs you
>Fade out and dead
Even that (though still pretty meh) is preferable over an instant game over screen.

I know there's more dislikes than likes in those lists, but I did like what I saw of the game so far, I just would like to see it in a polished and fixed version, because I think it has a lot of promise. I'll keep an eye out for a fixed version in the future so I can LP it and maybe do a review, but as it currently stands I'd feel kinda bad giving a review as it'd be about a 1, which... isn't great.

Keep at it though! At it's core there's a lot of neat stuff, it just needs some touch-ups.