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Hello, people and pandas!
The game that I reviewed here is another RPG Maker VX Ace game made in 2017 by AliceMisaki & Annina, and it's a puzzle-adventure without battles, like Nemesis - In Darkland, another game I reviewed some days ago. Anyway this one was originally made in italian and later translated by YoonAyeong93, HERE you can find the original thread of the game on Rpg2s, and the version reviewed here is the last, updtate 4.

Annice is the protagonist of the game, a young girl with a yellow dress and bluish hair that wakes up inside a mysterious garden. Like Nemesis in the previous game (that was in a quite similar situation, but at least she knew how she arrived there!) she has to traverse a series of levels (four in this game) solving different puzzles and completing tasks like finding particular items in order to progress and reach the ending... well one of them, since this is another linear game that has different possible outcomes (including one TRUE ENDING).

Well that's something I've to do, but you aren't really encouraging me with this speech...

The game sees Annice interacting with various characters (including pandas and penguins!) and items, most (but NOT all! So remember this!)interesting areas are highlighted by some sparkles, like in other games I played before. Regarding the puzzles they're VERY simple (you can check the items in the menu but it's not really informative or useful) and easy, do not expect a lot of challenge. Oh and the game took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the beginning to the end.
The story is also pretty simple and easy to understand even if it left me some questions, on the other hand I liked the surprising True Ending epilogue.

Visually the game is pretty nice: like Nemesis - In Darkland the game includes classic Rtp mixed with some original hand drawn sprites that sometimes stand a bit out from the rest (there is some style dissonance, but ok). Anyway I liked the original graphics, the sprites, the facesets of the various characters, these are all pretty good! I also liked the bigger slides that cover the whole screen, like the background of the main menu, what instead I did not like was using grey letters for the dialogues: considering that the dialogue window have a darkened background, the words, especially the ones in the upper, darker area, would have been more readable using a brighter color.
Another problem I has with the visuals are some maps that are pretty ugly and suffer of the old "large empty map without many details made with generic rtp assets" that detract a bit from the atmosphere... I do not know, but I feel that in Nemesis - In Darkland mapping was slightly better, anyway they were made the same year, so there aren't many differences. Anyway pity since I really liked the custom made facesets, and charsets are ok (they're on the same style of the other game, but at least here there are facesets all made with the same style instead of some quite different portraits).

There are lots of pandas, even the dialogue window has little panda. And we also found a Panda biscuit! IT'S PANDASTIC!

Final Verdict
Annice (that name reminds of Alice, of course... another game that reminds of Alice in Wonderland like Nemesis in Darkland!) is an ok RPG Maker VX Ace game, marred by some little flaws that won't detract much from the player's enjoyiment. In any case the game is something I'd normally suggest to someone who likes short and simple adventure games, liking cute characters and weird fantasy scenarios like Alice in Wonderland is also a plus. But if you are looking for something else... well, look somewhere else!