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We are Sehensabier and Tanoyu, and together we form UHA studio! We want to share with you our little project – RPG horror game “Red Thread”. The plot may seem pretty simple in the beginning: a student of prestigious boarding school is found dead. Who to blame? Who lies and who tells the truth? Will the culprit be found and punished? You’ll find the answers in the end…but only if your thread doesn’t break off too early.

The story will include several chapters, in which different narrators will navigate you through the dark secrets of this world. The prologue is already available to play in two languages – Russian and English!

It’s our first project, so the demo-version of the game may contain several minor bugs and glitches. We will be very grateful if you find and report those – we will definitely fix them and update the game until it gets to stable version.

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  • 02/09/2017 01:24 PM
  • 02/22/2017 11:04 PM
  • 10/10/2017
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Subscribed! A murder mystery game sounds good to me; the ones I've played recently on here were well above average. Now that this has genuine non-linearity as well, it easily has the potential to be even better. When is the download going to be available?
This looks cool!!! The graphics are really well done and the story, which for me is a very important factor in a game, seems interesting! I will definetely keep an eye on this! Keep going with the good job!
Hey! Just wanna give you a heads up.
I was playing the demo and when trying to go down the stairs on the third floor (left wing) the game crashes, saying it can not load a "step sound"
Fixed. Thanks for help!
Wow! Thanks for such a nice review, we'll try our best!
Thank you for the kind words! The prologue is already available to play.
Thank you for the kind words! The prologue is already available to play.

Did you update the download so that it doesn't have the bug TheCrimsonValley reported? That's pretty much the only thing I'm waiting for. )

Yep! Thanks for waiting~
Episode 1 - Red Thread
Episode 2 - Red Thread: Redemption

sorry, I couldn't resist.

I found some mistakes.

Picture 1: It isn't translated.

Picture 2: Kimyona calls her Heroine. But I named her Ann at the beginning of the game. Rokuro does the same when he says his Goodbye at the Entrance of the Girls Dorm.

Picture 3: There is something wrong with the Avatares.

Picture 4: There is a Square and I think it shouldn't be there.

All fixed and reuploaded, thank you very much!
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