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- The Story -

After the adventures they'd had on Mother's Day, the fantasy creatures might have a role to play once more on Valentine's Day.

Florence has been deeply in love with Isabella for as long as he can remember. Now he only has one dream to fulfill: to restore his beauty's eyesight and bring the light to her eyes again.

- The Characters -

Florence Clyde:
Lord Clyde, son of Lord Frank Clyde, Earl of Hasterly. Living in one of his father's minor estates in Devonalls, he's a master of the sword arts. Mostly withdrawn and shy, his only company is his closest friend, Oliver, and his childhood sweetheart, Isabella.

Oliver Maxfield:
Florence's closest friend since childhood, he lived with his mother and grandfather when a child, before both passed away and he was left to survive on his own. He's a skillful hunter and nothing can beat his bow in action. Personality-wise, he's quiet and wise, never afraid to speak his mind on any topic, especially if it had to do with his friend, Florence.

Isabella Songbook:
Florence's sweetheart since childhood, she's lost her eyesight in an accident when she was young. Nevertheless, despite being a kind and a gentle soul, she was strong enough to face her disability and overcome it, remaining as cheerful as she had ever been. Her father is Mr. Jason Songbook, a rich farmer with a large estate.

- Features -

  • Quite the interactive game-every item is placed on the map for a reason.
  • 3 different endings depending on how you play.
  • Make your way through intriguing battles and mind-blowing puzzles to reach your goal.
  • Detailed graphics with beautiful music to take you right into the heart of the atmosphere.
  • Around 2 hours of enjoyable and exciting gameplay.
  • A mouse system for easy navigation.

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