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SUPER MARIA RPG is a short but sweet RPG. In less than three hours, you'll have explored unique towns, fought a horde of goofy baddies, and stopped an evil eggplant wizard from destroying the world. Are you up for the challenge?

Da Plot

In SUPER MARIA RPG you play as Maria, the last human in a world of monsters. After crossing paths with a rebellious fairy named Zari, Maria is dragged into a complicated plot to defeat Zerybus and restore power to the Fae Clan, a shadowy and mysterious gang of fairies. Along the way, they meet up with the greatest assassin the monster world has ever known, Shades Nightblade, and together (in less than three hours of game time) they have the final epic confrontation with Lord Zerybus himself.

Unique Characters

In SUPER MARIA RPG you get a team of not one, not two, not four, but three unique characters. You've got the female lead, Maria, the last human in a world of monsters.

You've got the tsundere fairy with a heart of coal, Zari, who leads you on your cliff-notes sized journey.

And last, but certainly not least, you've got Shades Nightblade, the world's most deadly assassin, who also happens to be a doobie smokin' alpha wolf man with great abs.

Unique Baddies

I'm the guy that made HELLBOUND, so you know this game's got some crazy weird lookin' baddies for you to slay. Here's like three of them just to wet your beak a little bit...

Very Short

Have I mentioned that this game is short? Not like, "joke game" short, but it's pretty compact. Bite-sized, one could say. In less than three hours, you're gonna have had a full gosh darn adventure. With rates like that, what do you have to lose?

All Original, no RPG Maker Sprites / Properties

Battle animations aside, this game doesn't have any of the usual RPG Maker fare. No generic enemies, world map, room sprites, faces, or characters have been used. It's all original, baby. Awwww yeah.

LOL so quirky and Random!!1

We all like jokes, goofs, gaffes, and havin' a fun time. SUPER MARIA RPG brings the laughs hard and fast for three hours. You've got all the joke bases covered: Weed jokes, video game jokes, meme jokes, ghost-related humor, existentialist nightmare jokes, etc. There's so many jokes in this game I got myself sick writing all of them.


If you're new to RPG Maker games, use the ARROWS to walk around, Z and X to interact with the world and pull up the map, and hold shift while walking to run real fast!

Note: This is not a Super Mario RPG clone, fan game, and has absolutely no relation to Super Mario in any way. Geno is not in it, and he never will be, so don't look too hard for him, okay?

Latest Blog

Making a new game - Let me know if you're interested in helping!

I'm making a new game. Let me know if you're interested in helping! I could always use help with programming, testing, graphics, etc. If you enjoyed SUPER MARIA RPG or HELLBOUND, I'd really like your help.


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Cute project overall with its own distinct flavour! I'll try to remember to download it if I don't go alzheimer XD
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Obviously we all love the alpha wolf
Obviously we all love the alpha wolf

"What's not to love, bruh."
I love the Geno reference in one of the pictures.
Obviously we all love the alpha wolf



When you're in "your hotel room" in BIRDULA's hotel, DO NOT "TALK TO" THE BOTTLES ON THE TABLE IN FRONT OF SHADES. Doing so will reset all the variables in the room, and will mess with everything. This was a thing that I put in there for me when I was developing the game (for testing reasons / shortcutting) and forgot to take out. Thankfully a friend caught it and I was able to fix it.

The current game file does not have this error. Thanks!
This game looks fun, and cute. I'l give it a try.
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