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Super Adventures of Super Maria in Monsterland!

Hello, new day, new game!
SUPER MARIA RPG (all caps!) is a RPG Maker VX Ace game made by BigGreenCreatures and Emiix the authors of HELLBOUND (also all caps!). I do not know this last game so I cannot say anything about it, BUT I know about SUPER MARIA RPG!
This is an rpg (duh!), or better a short and humorous party based Jrpg that has totally NO relation with Super Mario. Really, it's not a parody or a homage, for what I can see.

SUPER MARIA RPG is a story about Maria (even if you can choose the two protagonists' names in the beginning), the last human on this fantasy land populated by various monsters, that has to pay the rent. She goes to the City Hall, finding the guards quarreling with a fairy, and they say that they'll consider the rent payed (for this time!) if she escort the fairy out of town.
She clearly does that, I mean why not? Anyway the poor lonely fairy soon convinces her to overthrow the evil king Zerybus that apparently everyone serves and worships, and presents her a magical staff that will let her learn magic spells! Yay!

Yes, it doesn't matter: we will HAVE to explore almost every dark corner of this world!

So the adventure starts, but we cannot just attack the castle of the evil king Zerybus: oh no, first our characters will have to get the free orbs from the king's right-hand umh... creatures (as indicated before no human exist except for Maria!) that act as bosses in their lairs/dungeons. And then they will be able to face the king once for all... if they survive, that is!

As you can expect this means wandering the world, getting strong and earning money at first in the random encounters on the main map, and later in the dungeons, where you will find set encounters and challenges. Various villages and towns will provide resting places and shops to upgrade gear and buy consumables, and luckily these are quite cheap, in the sense that it's easy to amass a good quantity of healing items and the equivalent of mana potions. Yes, because we need mana to unleash powerful attacks and use nice skills, even if nearly at the beginning Maria can learn a move that lets her use her turn to get some magic points back.
This particular skill is earned through an optional task, rather than levelling (that's what happens for the other abilities), so also for this reason exploration is recommended. After all this is a short game (that took me a couple of hours to complete), it's not too difficult, and you can also save anytime!

Oh oh, I do not think so, dear Stef!

Our party members have different skills: Maria is more versatile and geared towards attacking (but has also some other useful skills and buffs) while Zari the Fey is rather weak but has many spells, and she even starts with a couple of them. She can heal, debuff the enemies or hurt them. Speaking about Shades Nightblades... hey who's that guy? You can see him in the main menu, anyway I won't spoil this part of the story and his role in the game! Enemies are also of different kinds and armed with various abilities and attacks (and weaknesses! A ghost for example will say that they are weak to thunder attacks!), their sprites are original and custom made, as are the facesets of the protagonists.

Concerning instead mapping and graphics, here it was used the always nice Time Fantasy retro resources pack. There are some odd choices, for example the maps looks like something out of a Super Mario videogame (this time for real) and Zari in some parts has a body and in others she looks like a floating head. Weird!
Anyway nothing wrong with that, mapping is ok, game is super simple and difficulty is balanced, grind a bit when you need an edge, and then you'll be ready!

The story is nothing special, well it's also not boring, even if I admit I expected a certain twist, anyway it was not bad and I liked the humor, the jokes about the good old rpg tropes and so on. Nothing special, but all ok for me!
In the end this is a good game especially for newbies, even if it says "if you do not know rpgmaker games please start with something else!".

Shades is SO COOL! Anyway I do not fear him! Bring it on!

Final Verdict
Ok, this was SUPER MARIA RPG. While there are some choices (about the shape of world map for example, or the clash of style between the custom made monsters and the Time Fantasy battlers) that I found odd, this is still an ok game, and I liked playing it.
It's nothing new or particularly original, but it has some humor and character that makes it a cute little game, and a nice adventure for a couple of hours.
Nothing really special, but still a cool game, that maybe stands out due to some nice custom made assets and humor that set it aside from the rest of boring classic Rtp Rpgs. 3.5/5 for me is ok!


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Thanks for the review! If I was playing this game today, I would have rated it a 3 out of 5, so I am grateful for the extra half star you gave it. If you liked this one, you should check out my game TRASH PLANET that I put out back in 2020!~
Thanks for the review! If I was playing this game today, I would have rated it a 3 out of 5, so I am grateful for the extra half star you gave it. If you liked this one, you should check out my game TRASH PLANET that I put out back in 2020!~

Hello, yes I was a bit generous but for a good reason: at first I was setting for a 3/5, then the custom graphics (that while they create a bit of clash of styles are surely an extra effort) and some amusing descriptions and unexpected cutscenes and the cool ending (even if it wasn't entirely that unexpected) made it stand out from the mass of average games that offers nothing new or inspiring despite the lack of errors and bugs.
Ok I will surely check the other game too when I can!
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