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“My name’s Ravel, and my unnecessarily shy companion is Tutora. We are what ya’d normally call work colleagues, I s’pose, but our boss suddenly came to us yesterday with tickets to this beach resort and told us to, and I quote…”

“...Have a good time.”

“That man... I just know something’s off with this!”


Four secret agents, chosen for their (mostly) mythological powers, just want to have a good time on their beach vacation. Unfortunately, between missing kitties and a scatter-brained fiancé, that just isn't meant to be.

Our annoyed heroines:

Baya, Great Forest Witch
More commonly known as "Baba Yaga," Baya resents the image of the old crone that name typically conjures. All the other stories are true, however, including those of the chicken-legged hut she's set up on the beach. Baya has trouble communicating with mortal folk... except for fast food clerks.

Tutora, the Four-Eyed Fox
A nerdy seductress, not that she'll try anything on you. Despite her kitsune powers, Tutora enjoys a mundane life of watching horror films and fighting intergalactic crimes against humanity. Kind and observant, Tutora has a great nose for magic and those who need help.

Sheris, Who Sings the Night Away
Bank teller. Envious ally. Yaoi enthusiast. These might not be terms you'd expect to describe a banshee, but they're all accurate descriptions of Sheris. Kicked out of the astral plane for reasons she's definitely not going to tell you, she glides through our world making snap judgments and being scared of ghosts.

Ravel, the Happy Trigger
And finally, the normal girl. Well, if you consider an ex-military mercenary with a sawed-off shotgun to be normal. Ravel may not be mythological, but her ability to read a situation and lead a team intrigued their boss, Marlowe, enough to recruit her. Ravel loves her shotty and hates distracting side-missions.


An Unwanted Engagement is a comedy RPG designed for the sidequest-oriented Winterruption game-making event. It mixes Craze's love of customization and battling with Karsuman's writing abilities and art. You can expect amusing dialogue, fierce bosses, and a lot of cats.

The version going up this weekend is a small, but complete, event entry based on this project. It is not indicative of the greater game, which was produced by Karsuman and Craze for three weeks before they realized it was kinda ambitious. Unless otherwise noted, all screenshots and info are for the real game.

Latest Blog

Winterruption Shitgame Updated to 1.1

If you haven't played yet, please update!

-lowered encounter rate on the main road
-fixed accuracy/evasion; the constant evasion is over and Speed is helpful =)
-fixed BPF repair so BaeBot and Electrovitality work properly
-added more shops
-brief explanation of Barrier and Speed
-made Tundra hit everything like it's supposed to
-made Catsup actually restore MP
-made enemies hit harder so they're less stupid (final boss is really evil but totally doable)

-still crashes sometimes on battle end or when leaving a menu :< I DON'T KNOW WHY, save a lot


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You're magical to me.
Wow, this looks amazing! :D Looking forward to both the contest version and the final version ^_^
I see no cats in the screenshot section.

Seriously though, looking good here. And sounds like a hilarious troupe to follow around.
Lol that opening, and lol how encounters start, kitten kaboodle! And enemies are named to make sense! I see! These aren't just regular Orcs!

And the enemies jiggle! Never seen that before! This is gonna be a great Shitgame!

Crashes, I see. Good thing there's ways to avoid my first one, at least. Attention!
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