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In the quiet archipelago of Prask life is easy going. Not much happens in these parts.

Until an earthquake rips open the town of Saint Saul and thrusts everything into chaos. Monsters are spilling out of a chasm, people are dying, and worst of all the Mayor has lost his pants!

Join Nancy, and her crotchety cat-man companion Orbo, on their quest to recover her father's pants that will take her all around the island of Wid. Sod island is lurking over the horizon and would surely be affected as well. If we ever get there.

This is a game made for the Winterruption event - https://rpgmaker.net/events/winterruption/

It will feature the following custom systems:
Battle - Under construction
Menu - A simple interface with a unique flow.
Weather - It rains a lot on the island of Wid, with occasional thunder storms.
Directions - Get helpful pop up tips on which way to go.
Rearrange Furniture - Express your inner interior decorator by moving some of the furniture around and even rotating it. Feng Shweet!

And more!

The version made for the event was rushed and trimmed. A lite version of the game. When the final game is released, much of the quests you already have done will change. So it's worth playing again later! Much, much later.

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Things you should know

Main Quest

1 "These Ain't the Right Trousers"
The Mayor, in his castle chambers.

Assistant Tog informs Nancy the mayor needs his best pants, but they're missing. Find the servant in the tavern to retrieve the laundry.

Side Quests

1 "The Shopping List"
Boris, in castle kitchen.

goat milk,
cheese from Susan and Lady Argentine,
pork brains from Ish,
seaweed from the beach,
insect husks from spiderwebs,
salt bark solution from Dr Salt,
and brown sauce...

2 "The Golden Idol"
Veng/Lady Phlox, in her house

Lady Phlox: You see, the earthquake knocked my golden statuette off it's mantel. I heard it roll across the floor... heaven knows where it got to.
Would you mind picking it up? You may have to move the furniture about to find it.

3 "The Merchant of Riffolk" (only available after starting "the shopping list")
The merchant, boarding house

Nancy: Excuse me, Ish. My cook told me you have... pickled pork brains for sale?
Ish: So? I'm not opening the door!

4 "Suzy's Catastrophic Day"
Susan, in general store

Nancy: You said your cats ran away?
Susan: Well, they've disappeared. I guess they panicked? Who knows what's happened to them...
Nancy: Don't fret. They can't be far!
Susan: Please, take these. If you see any of my cats, please give them a biscuit and say I miss them. They love my biscuits!
Item's Given
*Fish Biscuits x 4*

5 "A Twisted Beauty"
Darian, south beach

Darian: That coral is exquisite.
Glattus: Yeah, and it's all mine!
Darian: How vulgar. He doesn't really appreciate it. He's just gloating to make me envious.
Nancy: Perhaps there's something he'll trade for it?
Glattus: No chance!

6 "On the Hills of Hervanen"
Tamara, watchtower

Tamara: Well, let me tell you something, Miss Sprat. Good Lord, is Wid BORING.
Tamara: Wid is the most boring island in all of Prask! I spend most of my time throwing paper planes out the window and watching them flop into the sea.
Tamara: Trouble is, I can't leave this tower to check out the mayhem. The other keeper's home, hiding in bed! Say... you couldn't go ask him to come here, could you?

7 "The Dog Who Cried 'Woof!'"
Captain York, main guard tower

Captain York: When you were talking to everyone, did you happen to speak to Melvin?
Nancy: No! He wasn't in his apartment.
Captain York: I see...
Orbo: ...
Nancy: Oh, and stranger still, a dog was there instead!

8 "Rune of the Moon"
Sister Wendy, chapel

Sister Wendy: I would so appreciate it if you could boost the chapel's protective magic.
Nancy: Oh, I could certainly try!
Sister Wendy: Wonderful! Here's the spell.
Spells given
*Lunar Blessing*

9 "Luxuries of Lamplaw Lookout"
Argentine, shipping office

Carroll: Sorry you have to do my work for me. Lady Argentine said I'm to keep an eye on Marsha - not let her leave the house - until this mess is over.
Nancy: Oh, it's no bother.
Carroll: Well, she's just in her room.

10 "The Mourning After" (only available after finishing all other sidequests)
Captain York, main guard tower

Captain York: You and Orbo must be seasoned adventurers by now!
Nancy: Please, don't patronize us!



An NPC may start more than one quest at any given point in the story. Always talk to them until you hear everything they have to say.

You will do a lot of back and forth, and it's usually within the same group of people.

The West Beach has nothing yet, don't bother going there unless it is to sight-see. Every other area does have something, so explore the rest thoroughly and repeatedly.

Sometimes the events exhibit strange behavior. It is usually resolved by going to a new map, like entering/exiting a house. Switches and Variables reset on tele.


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