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In the quiet archipelago of Prask life is easy going. Not much happens in these parts.

Until an earthquake rips open the town of Saint Saul and thrusts everything into chaos. Monsters are spilling out of a chasm, people are dying, and worst of all the Mayor has lost his pants!

Join Nancy, and her crotchety cat-man companion Orbo, on their quest to recover her father's pants that will take her all around the island of Wid. Sod island is lurking over the horizon and would surely be affected as well. If we ever get there.

It will feature the following custom systems:
Battle - Under construction
Menu - A simple interface with a unique flow.
Weather - It rains a lot on the island of Wid, with occasional thunder storms.
Directions - Get helpful pop up tips on which way to go.
Rearrange Furniture - Express your inner interior decorator by moving some of the furniture around and even rotating it. Feng Shweet!

And more!

The version made for the event was rushed and trimmed. A lite version of the game. When the final game is released, much of the quests you already have done will change. So it's worth playing again later! Much, much later.

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