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Progress Report

Sunset Sheriff 1.1 is Up!

Got the version uploaded and ready for download. There is a lot of stuff added, but your save files should still work. The download section has all the details. Hope everyone enjoys! Also any bug reports are greatly appreciated.

Progress Report

Sunset Sheriff 1.1 and the Future

Stardate: Sometime in a hot place. Time to test the blog page and see if it does anything.

Okies, the animation and sound bugs should be /fixed/ now. *omg jynxed now* I guess thats what happens when I rely on automation for removing files.

Going forward I'm planning on adding some stuff. Already have added a few cut skills, a few new ones, and am tidying up some text and events. Also simplified the armor system, since I can't figure out how to get the custom params to display correctly on a status screen. (wasn't too hard, just had to double armor as defense, then reduce new defense value by half.) Also using yanfly's save event location to make sure some npcs stay where they end up.

Once thats settled its on to adding in a couple maps and quests. And then...just greater enemy variety and whatever else I can think of to fit in the scope of this game.
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