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The goblin king has attacked. The council has gathered. They must choose a person from the town of heroes to go take him down. Their choice... Lance? The only person from the town who is not a hero?

Now, to stop Goblin King, Lance must venture to Kuro Island and get to Lunar Tower, where he will destroy the cliche power crystal which makes goblin king super strong. I mean, that's the plan anyway. However, it is no easy task, as each island is filled with monsters and the Goblin King's minions, aiming to take the ''hero'' down. Will Lance be able to get through the moist forests, dry deserts or chilling mountains? He probably won't.

Legend of the Three Islands is a lighthearted, slightly comedic fantasy rpg with a simplistic battle system that doesn't have items or guarding, heals you after every battle, and allows you to upgrade your skills to a max level of 3. You must partner with a serious archer named Hunter and a (very) homosexual immortal paladin named Blade to venture through the three islands; Gras, Sahra and Kuro, named quite literally as they represent grass, desert and darkness.

The game was originally made for the Winterruption event, but I doubt I'll be able to finish in time. As so, it is heavily based on quests. Hopefully, it'll be released sometime in mid 2017. The game focuses on letting the player have a good time with humorous dialogue instead of trying to tell a good story.

Latest Blog

Featured on front page! Some progress report.

First of all, thanks a lot for the front page feature!! It feels really nice to be on there ^^

As a celebration, and proof that the game is still chugging on even though the event ended, here's some news!

Not a whole lot of progress on maps since the event ended. Progress on Shroom's Forest has started, but it still needs a lot of work and an overlay. Most of the progress has been with eventing and the database. A whole bunch of new skills were added yesterday, though not tested out too well yet.

On the topic of skills, I reckon I should explain some of the battle system?

In the game, instead of ''Attack'', ''Defend'' or ''Special'', we have three different categories. Damaging, Defending and Status. Damaging is exactly what it sounds like, it contains skills that damage enemies. There is a default attack which does not cost anything, but for one of the characters, it is different. Hunter, the archer lady of the game who can be seen in the above screenshot at the middle, has a different default attack which does less damage, but has a higher chance of landing a critical hit. Evasion and accuracy is not used in the game, since missing attacks don't really make battles fun in my opinion. Defending is also quite literally what it sounds like. It contains skills that involve defense. There is no default defend option since that is boring and no one uses it. Instead, you have much more interesting defensive skills. For example, lowering your own defense to raise the defense of other party members. Status contains skills that involve inflicting a status. Damaging and Defensive moves can also be in this category if they have a status side effect. For example, an attack that both deals damage and can paralyse the enemy will be in both Damaging and Status.
All moves learned by level up cost TP instead of MP. All moves learned by Skill Tomes cost MP instead of TP.
But enough about skills, let's talk characters!

Don't mind the fact that there are no faces yet. There probably will be at some point.

In the game, you have three actors. Lance is the main character. He starts off weak, but learns quickly. At first his stats may by one increase once every two levels, but later on his stats might increase by three per level. His defenses are his worst stats. Hunter, the archer lady, on the other hand starts slowing down as she progresses. Her stats mostly increase by two per level at first, but later on they start to increase by one once every two level. She has a higher chance of landing critical hits than other party members (and her default attack boosts the critical chance even more). Most skills she gets by level up are not based on usual stats like attack but more on stats like agility or luck. Blade, the last party member, is an immortal paladin. Since he is already an experienced warrior there isn't a lot for him to learn, making his level ups very sluggish. He gets very little increase in stats by level up and he doesn't start getting higher stats more easily later on like Lance. He has great defenses, and has a chance of counter attacking. Most skills he gets by level up are ''Defending'' or ''Status'' rather than ''Damaging''.

As you may have noticed, you can't actually use items in battle. Most items you get in the game are either key items, stat increasing items or crafting items.
Yes - you can craft! You can craft skill tomes to be exact!
And speaking of Skill Tomes, you can actually upgrade them! When you get a skill tome, it'll be level 1. Then, you can go to the blacksmith at Heroes Town and he'll upgrade your skill tomes for a bit of money. One example is the skill fireball. When you get it at first, it only does low fire based damage. When you upgrade it to level 2, it deals a little more damage and has a chance of burning the enemy. At level 3, it deals even more damage and has a higher chance of burning the enemy.

Most of this has been about the battle system, and I wish there was more info I could give to you all about the world and story, but I don't really want to spoil any important details! So for now, I hope you've enjoyed this blog! See you in the next one!

Will there be a next one?

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  • 02/15/2017 10:34 AM
  • 11/11/2017 10:28 AM
  • 06/06/6666
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Sounds like a chill game. Suits the weather i guess.
(and subscribed)
You're magical to me.
Yay! Subscribed ^_^
The only thing in this game that's bonkers is CAVE_DOG.
And subscribed!
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Thanks you all!! Yeah, it's a pretty chill game without a deep story or meaningful message.
I really dig the pixelwork (chipset and charset). Are these all custom?
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Nope, most of it is Time Fantasy, the icons and animations are RTP and the font is Pixelmix. I wish I was talented enough to make these ^^; I'm glad you like it though!
Sounds like a jolly fun time!
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Thanks ky! I hope it'll be as jolly fun as it sounds :D
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
I love the artstyle and the mapping! (and the dialogue that you told me about)
I can't wait for it!! :D

Good luck completing it, Frogge!
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Hey! A game page, cool :)
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Thanks a lot! I keep thinking you're caz with that avatar, kloe ^^;
More secret santa fuel to the fire! Will give it a try eventually once finished.
This looks quite recherche! Will you add optional quests so that players can take a break from all of the side quests?
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Thanks you guys!! Luii, what do you mean by optional quests? All the sidequests are optional.
Yeah, I know. I was just wondering if you could add some other quests that are more optional than the side quests. Some players may want to be able to take a break every now from all of the questing.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Sidequests are optional quests, that's what ''sidequest'' means. Unless you're asking if there will be a main story line, in which case, yes, the game has a main quest as well as optional sidequests.
Since when did the apple become the most powerful thing ever?
Looks awesome! Defiantly gonna subscribe to this! The graphics are awesome! Did you make them yourself?
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Thanks a lot, I'm glad to hear you like it! Also, nope!

Nope, most of it is Time Fantasy, the icons and animations are RTP and the font is Pixelmix. I wish I was talented enough to make these ^^; I'm glad you like it though!
I think I remember seeing some of this a while back when I was poking my nose through the screenshot topic and this was certainly one of the games that definitely caught my eye over there. I’ll definitely be keeping some tabs on this one while you continue to slave away at it in the meantime.

Target Completion Date: 06/06/6666

…Or at least as long as I humanly can until the day I happen to get run over by a semi-truck, lol.
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