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***RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is required to play this game***

For generations, mysterious crystals have appeared all over the globe inside caves. These crystals can hatch magical fairies that, if taught properly, can grant people wishes for good or for evil. However, every 100 years a Demon Crystal appears that can hatch a Demon powerful enough to destroy the world. Multiple caves have existed for decades that act as safe havens for the fairies. Ash is the teacher of the fairies in one of the fairy caves. One night, he has a dream from his brother where the Demon Crystal will soon hatch if nobody is there to destroy it. Now you must go on a quest to destroy the crystal before it's too late.

The game takes place 100 years before An RPG Story. Although the main quest of the game is to destroy the Demon Crystal, you can finish 8 side quests inspired by the Winnterruption event's example names that you can finish for extra gold, items, EXP and equipment, or you can skip the side quests with less of the benefits. The game has RPG elements such as Side-View battles and skills. It's intended to be more of a short and simple RPG game like An RPG Story with more intention of the story and quests. The game has a bad and a good ending depending if you are strong enough to beat the final boss.

You can currently download Version 2 of the game in the Downloads section. (No RTP is included in this download at this time)

Yanfly Battle Engine,Menu Cursor,and Options Menu by Yanfly
Side View Battle Sprites script by Vlue
Quest System by Vlue
Auto Battle Command by TDS
Game Over Continue by Soulpour777
CSCA Light Effects script by Casper Gaming (http://www.caspergaming.com/)
Basic Enemy HP Bars Lite script by Vlue

---Sprites (Characters):
Hooded Characters Recolor by twstevens0
Ship Edits by Coyotecraft
RTP Sprites made by Enterbrain
The others were custom edits by me in MS Paint and GIMP 2.

---Sprites (Faces):
RTP Faces made by Enterbrain
More Spiritual Faces from VX Resource on Wordpress.com
The others were custom edits by me in MS Paint and GIMP 2. (Except for the People5 Faces which I still can't find who the original author was)

RTP Tilesets made by Enterbrain
Dungeon A2 Edits by Frogge & Enterbrain
Dungeon D by Keygen
More Crystal Sprites by Liberty
TileA4 Indoor Walls by Kalikya
More Trees by Soruve

---Battler Sprites:
2D Battler sprites were edited by me in GIMP 2.0, though the sprites were made by Enterbrain.

Game made by Zero3D in 2017.
For the RMN Winterruption event.

Latest Blog

Version 2 is out!

Version 2 of A Demon Crystal Story is now available for download! This version fixes some mistakes from Version 1 and adds some new stuff. I planned to add more stuff but this version already took too long to come out, so I'll save those things for Version 3.
A list of some things Version 2 includes:
•More scripts
•New interiors of houses and shops
•Various edits to the side-quests and enemies
•Fixed various typos and mistakes
If there are any mistakes or things you want to change, list them in your post.
  • Completed
  • Zero3D
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 02/16/2017 09:07 PM
  • 08/15/2017 09:01 PM
  • 03/12/2017
  • 20416
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Pages: 1
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Your mapping seems to be improving a lot! Keep it up :D
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
wwweeeelllllllllllllll it's this week....where's my download?? :)
wwweeeelllllllllllllll it's this week....where's my download?? :)

I might be able to finish the game this week or next week.
Did you know you can actually turn Vlue's Quest Log off and on, lol.
Perhaps you would like Modern Algebra's Quest Journal better.

In Ash's house the tint should be it's own Parallel Process event, not inside the
autorun event.

In Ash's house the papers seem like a hassel to move past.

There are quite a few spelling mistakes in Ash's journal.

For Ash's journal you could use a Conditional branch, with variable say less than or
equal to 1-4 (2) Doing the story of Ash's battle and perhaps something else to make it more interesting.

Outside of Ash's house, the space is open and there is not much going on,
just a lot of empty space.

Also if you wanted a bath to be made a simple process would be, make the tub below character, then make the following on say the bucket of water with a
Text: Take a bath
Choice: Yes, No
Move Route: Down, TR, Though on, Move right, TL,Wait 60, Play SE Water
CB: variable 1:10 Less than or Equal
Text: 1.Wow, I needed this. 2.That was cold perhaps I should try warming up the water, etc.
Move Route: Move Left, Though off.

For the door, or really any other door or transfer event with a tint such as “Fela” or Ash's dream always do a self switch to a “Parallel Process.”
Parallel Process means it works right away, everything else, well lets just say not so much.

The candle on the desk in the school, looks like it could be a fire hazard..

The balloon event could be a parallel process above Ash's head so it does not stop unexpectedly like it does.

I noticed you had animated actors, however you did not have animated enemies.

The dragon quest music worked out pretty good.

On top of the mountain, near “Fairy Cave B,” there is a broken monument piece, that the character can walk though.

Sadly it seems like there are not enough “Poison Potions” at the beginning to go around or much though the game.. also I don't know why I am drinking poison, however it seems to counter enemy poison. Strange..
“Triple Attack” and “Double Attack” are not skills, perhaps this should be specified to avoid confusion.
After the purchase of the “Orc Sword” or “Triple Attack,” “Strong Attack” almost becomes void.

For the old man quest, after completed you can not access the boat because the bridges are unmovable terrain. It also heals you after completion. None of your other quests do this.

The Terrific Mission of One Legged Leon
*While holding the crates you can also go into the “Oriona Cave.”
You can not talk to Leon after the quest. (He should at least look busy.)

The Ballad of the Grey Man
I think the quest text should be “Get a couple of Instruments and talk to him.” 0/3
When talking to him again, the ice graphic, plays before he turns grey.
You forgot to take away items in inventory, as they are still in key items
after completing quest, or you could just take away the banjo..
Can not talk to the grey man again, perhaps a balloon with a PP activated with a switch, portraying silence should appear above his head.
No reward.

The Shopping List
I don't know why the quest text says “Buy all weapons” 0/3
"The Grand Sword" does not have a description

Mystery of the Missing Kid
The Letter appears after saving the kid again.
No reward.

Kitten Kaboodle
The “Kitten” key item has switched “Only from menu on.” If this was your plan, I suggest running a Common Event that play a Meowing SE.
No reward.

~Game completed.
I played your game to the end.
Ash learnt Dual and Triple Attack but couldn't use it.
You can die before you get to the town because of poison.
You can read the Orc-letter again after rescuing the boy.
Were there any rewards for the quests beside the instruments, the Grand Sword or the silver-bracelet?
The road to Abigail wasn't closeable.
The bracelets are useless because with the Grand Sword or Crystal Staff you can't equipe them anymore. And you need the money...

Oh, and I thought the mini-game is called paper - scissors - stone.
Is this you, "Zero the bird"?
Zero I was like hopefully that game you were making is not as broken as
this one, however the measuring the grass mini game sounds interesting
make it happen. We all have faith in you.
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