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Aerscam V1.1 (April 2017) - Changes and Additions

  • JapoZero
  • 04/19/2017 07:56 PM
This is the changelog for the new 1.1 version from April 2017.
A lot of changes have been made so it is not compatible with the 1.0 version saves.
(The old version is still available if anyone wants it!)
•Fixed a lot of bugs I found after releasing the first version. Also, I tried to improve the translation.
•The first three nights are harder now (the souls start attacking earlier and they move faster). Also, when the difficulty increases, you’ll see more…interesting things during the nights.
•Every scene after finishing a night has changed, now including things like dates, messages, environment interaction and more. You can go to every room in the mansion now during those scenes (excluding "that" one) and there are new ones after certain things occur, too.
•A lot of new graphics, ambiance music, sounds and a new jumpscare were added. Some graphics, like the fear scenes, the fear HUD and Dorothy’s graphics were remade. Now, there is detailed info of every soul and how to avoid them in the custom night menu after finishing Night 6 / Nightmare Mode, you just have to click on their pictures.
•Fear scenes were improved and are faster now. You have to click on Dorothy’s silhouette on the right side of the screen to calm her (if the word “control” disappears, she’s dead). It will move around the screen if her fear is high. Also, jumpscares now occur instantly (they lagged a bit before). You can see them (and the Fear scenes too) in the extra menu after finishing Night 6 / Nightmare mode.
•The Artifact has changed a bit. The screen will get a bit corrupted if you see a soul in any room, making it more easy to identify them (this will also happen if you see them in the hallways). The check button is easier to use now, you don’t have to click it repeatedly.
•Finally, the last soul that haunts the mansion is WAY more dangerous now. It will always start its attack during night five and six at a certain hour.