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Princess' Quest and the Royal Secret

  • dnel57
  • 03/01/2018 01:10 AM
The new version is done. As always comments, suggestions, reviews, ratings welcome.

Download button has been updated.

Changes done:
Random encounters now on four of the islands and some new troops added,
Mapping has been gone over and corrections made.
Punctuation has been done over.
There is one new Boss in the game.
Towns have been somewhat condensed and made smaller.
Castle inside and outside has been reduced in size.
Face graphic errors have been fixed.
On screen maps have been enlarged.
Passability issues have been solved.
Forest has been redone and made more attractive and
easier to navigate, although, it is still a maze- like map.
Man-Eating Plants no longer continuously spam sleep!

I want to thank all who have tried my game and invite
them to give it another try.
I also want to thank players for their comments and input.
I did listen!
A special thanks to Sawworm and Soul for
renewing my enthusiasm toward my game and game making in general.
As always comments,reviews,ratings welcome.
Thanks to sawworm for his great script!
And credit to Thalzon for his battlers.


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Amazing news, dnel57!
The new features sound great though!

*Looking forward to download the new version*
Hoping for Sat. or Sun.
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