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Bloom was made for the Winterruption Event hosted on RMN. The challenge was to make a game that focused on sidequests. I made a game somewhat more linear than was probably intended for the event. Oh well~

Bloom is a short game about the struggle between the powers of Hope and Apathy. Mariah Mor, the heroine, wakes up in an ended world. While this intially evokes a desire for her to have died along with her time period, Mariah soon finds fragments of her family which gives her the motivation to continue on. Another tragedy strikes that gives her the motivation to not only live, but to also repair the shattered world she finds herself in.


In the game there is heavy text because Gourd Clae likes writing. JRibbons handled much of the spriting and kylaila was the team cheer dragon. The first download is a complete game but it was cut down a lot from what I actually wanted to do so there will be some update at some point in the future. ^.^ Please excuse any graphical errors you find, I had RTP in place for most of the game and may have some in the final game. It's just one of those things!

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Subscribed. Miss Mor looks like a like a likable heroine (strong and caring).
Subscribed. Miss Mor looks like a like a likable heroine (strong and caring).
You're too nice to me, Cap. ^.^ That's definitely a good way to describe Mariah.

She's very driven and is strong in that sense. Her emotions get the better of her sometimes though. Especially when she's dealing with murderers.

The game should be up within the next day or two. It's about done, but since we missed the deadline... why not tweak it a little? That's the logic at least. (I promise not to pull an RTP again and release it a year later.)
Sounds interesting. I like Mariah's brave fencer Musashi hair.
@Suzy LOL! That was not intentional, but not sure I can unsee it now. XD

Thanks for the interest, btw~<3
notorious rpgmaker 2k3 shill
(looks great love ya <3)
All a part of my evil plan. >:D I was going to name it A Flower in a Wasteland but JRribs wasn't feeling it. Honestly neither was I when I realized I didn't come up with it first :P
Good job on the graphics! I'm really diggin' the clean and modern style you've got here.
I fell in love with this art style. Subbed!
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