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A cave, mine, volcano and temple mysteriously appears out of nowhere. What is the reason for their sudden appearance. A journey to uncover the truth behind these places. But why is our hero so interested in these places. Why is he willing to put himself in so much danger?

A simple hack and slash action RPG, with levels, equipment, gold etc.

Complete - Approx. 2-3hrs
Need RTP

Sometimes enemies are faster than normal - Changing the map should fix this, don't know why this happens though.
If you're in menu and get slowed, you can move while in the menu screen (can't attack). Just exit the menu, and it should fix.
Recovering from a debuff will reset our character sprite. If affected by multiple debuffs and recover from one, your character sprite will reset but you will still be affected by the other debuffs.

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  • Completed
  • lowua
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Action RPG
  • 02/19/2017 09:30 AM
  • 03/30/2018 05:33 AM
  • 02/27/2018
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Is this even a game or more a tech-demo?
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
I have no idea how this game ended up in my subscriptions but sure, looks nice.
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
I'm surprised that this game isn't talked about. I'm enjoying it and I think I will beat the last stages tonight.

Update: Finished the game! Loved it. Wrote this review:
Surprisingly Fun!
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