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A cave, mine, volcano and temple mysteriously appears out of nowhere. What is the reason for their sudden appearance. As the player journey to these places and discover the truth behind these places. But why is he willing to put himself in so much danger? And why is he so interested in these places.

A simple hack and slash action RPG intended to have a similar gameplay to Diablo, i.e gold, exp, levels, etc.

Currently Act 1 (out of Act 5) is complete, hopefully with not too many problems
Bugs I have experienced:
Sometimes enemies are faster than normal (and even spawn in the wrong place). Changing the map should fix this, don't know why this happens though.
If you're in menu and get slowed, you can move while in the menu screen (can't attack). Just exit the menu, and it should fix.

Still working on a name

Latest Blog

Update and what's next

V1a - Fixed the return to town check. Should now respawn to town when waypoint at town is unlocked instead of when waypoint 2 (Lake i think) was unlocked.

Originally I was planning on updating this every time I finished an act, i.e Act 2, Act 3 etc. But thinking about it, that seems quite tedious for people to replay every act until they reach the latest act, to then wait for the next part and replay it again till next break and repeat. Thus I'll just update this when it's complete (Hopefully mid next year maybe).

I'll continually update this part if I find anymore problems of want to change anything.
  • Production
  • lowua
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Action RPG
  • 02/19/2017 09:30 AM
  • 10/19/2017 04:25 AM
  • N/A
  • 3045
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Is this even a game or more a tech-demo?
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
I have no idea how this game ended up in my subscriptions but sure, looks nice.
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