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In a school that focuses on having clubs and class based activities there exists a club that does as little as possible while somehow remaining a club. This is the fabled N.P club. Our protagonist Marty Creamer gets reluctantly dragged into and becomes a part of this club. He now spends his days doing a variety of things, as per the player’s whims. He may hang out in his club with his new friends, train against the other students of the school or join the going home club and not interact with anyone.
However all is not well within the school at which he attends. As despite the fact the fact that this club was supposed to do nothing it in fact gets tasked to solve a series of strange events that occur within the school. Our reluctant main character then has to help out and resolve these problems; however he sees fit, be this through violence or calm negotiation. However the player’s actions can influence the ending of the game as depending on the player’s choices throughout they may receive a different ending.

The project

This game was originally created as I wanted to try creating an RPG that is unlike your usual ones. So instead of creating the Characters and then the world I decided to do the opposite; I created the world then created characters that would work within that world. This was very hard to do and thus led to the clubs name of N.P( Name Pending) as by the end I could not decide on a club name. In order to make this comedic slice of life game I decided to scrap the usual RPG conventions that you are used to seeing and as a result this game is a very dialogue heavy game with more choice than combat, however I did decide to feature some combat for those who would like to try their hands at it. This is also why I included extra optional bosses that are very difficult to defeat.

Basic controls

*Arrow keys/mouse move the player
*Esc goes back on menu's
*Enter opens the menu and selects commands
*Shift is sprint


Assets used for title screen supplied by wikepedia

Background music supplied by bensound

In game plugins created by Yanfly
Coded by Edwyn Mckie
Story and game development by Edwyn Mckie
Helper and RPGmaker Master Cid
Thanks for checking it out

patch notes

Increased enemy difficulty

Decreased enemy difficulty,
removed ability to save,as you may now only save between days.

Added in more dialogue for background characters,
made more balancing repairs,to allow you to win boss fights.

Fixed bug that made the player teleport through every version of the room before they got to the event on that particular day.

Moved the interaction for one of the boss fights so the player may now trigger it,
fixed the bug where the player would re-enter the school grounds before the screen fades out at the end of the day.

Fixed the bug where the teachers office door would not spawn correctly.

I have fixed the maps and the audio to not deafen you...

I havce fixed the map design so it now empasises the special design of the school,some of the doors are still bugged but thats due to them not leading anywhere so they are just black squares...bugs me too.

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