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Phantom.Negative is a retro styled game inspired by older NES RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest/Warrior. The game takes many visual and system design choices based on these older games (except random encounters, screw those) and tries to emulate them while running on the very limited, yet nostalgic, RPG Maker 2000. The game was created in a little less than 3 weeks.

The settlement of Seacliff is a realm ruled by the Branchaline Empire. Kairos, lord of Seacliff and son of the emperor of Branchaline, is sicken by his father’s tyranny and wants to make Seacliff an independent nation. The emperor finds out about Kairos’s plans to break away from the empire and demands that he continues to rule Seacliff under the empire’s name or he will turn the entire nation into ashes.

Kairos may have some of the world’s strongest warriors under him, but they are no match to the empire’s numbers. However, Kairos is aware of a legend passed down by the land’s natives about an incredible power underneath the ancient ruins. Kairos off on an adventure to find this power, hoping it will at least deflect the power of the empire.

-Traditional turn based combat
-About an hour or so of game play (RPG 2K does not keep track of playtime, so rough estimate)
-3 dungeons
-Enough enemy variety to not reuse the same troop combination twice
-Optional bosses that will unlock new skills and abilities
-No loading times when entering buildings

Latest Blog

Super Minor Update, also 1 year anniversary.

Just a minor update fixing a couple grammar issues, but also updating a few terms in the script. Nothing to replay the game for, just mentioning this to avoid confusion.

Elf -> Agric

This is because my next project is set in the same world, and I want to make sure it stays consistent. I'll probably have a demo for this new project around the same time Flip Dimensions beta is completed.


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Sorry, I was on vacation and didn't have a computer to use let alone a file to upload. The game was accepted while I was gone.

Anyways, the non-RTP version of the game is now uploaded and can be downloaded through the link above.

Hey, I can't seem to find where you are getting this error. Is it after trying to run the .exe or somewhere within the game itself?
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