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As Audrey enters her year of high school, she swirls into a crisis as she realizes that her bitterness and contempt has prevented her from having an enjoyable childhood, and there’s not much of it left to fix that. Her cynical outlook starts to change, however, when she meets Jun, a boy who just moved into her town.

-Completely original soundtrack
-Original art and assets
-3 different endings
-Lots of flowers

"Flower Shop" and "Mei Noodle Theme" by Ryan Breen
"Wings," "Monochrome," "Monochrome (Reprise)," "Chance Encounter," and "White Dandelion" by averageavacado
All art and assets by averageavacado
Playthrough videos and walkthroughs are permitted (and encouraged!) if game credit is given to averageavacado.

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The concept is totally unique! Do you have a playable demo? Either way, very excited. The quality of your writing is evident in the description.
This looks interesting! I really like the story! Really look forward to it! ;)
Looks amazing... I do envy your artwork!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Whoaaaaaaaaa the story sounds amazing, I want this right now! Subbed.
This looks like a really beautiful story! Looking forward to playing it!
This game is something I've waited for, for a while!
Just came to check up on this game, how's it going? <3

~Kat ❣
This game was very good!
My playthrough just went live on YouTube! Thanks for the game!

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