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1998 is now complete ready to download!
I would like to thank everyone that stuck with me throughout this journey. It means so much to me. The game is very short, but there are three endings. Replaying the entire game is necessary to get them all. Have fun playing!



I’m proud to announce that after a long hiatus 1998 is finally availible for beta testing. Here’s what I’ll need:
- 15 testers max. The first 15 who contact me will be able to test.
- Message me saying you’d be interested, and I’ll send you the download link. You can message me directly to my account here, or to my tumblr account (1998game.tumblr.com)
-After you finish the game, be sure to send me a DETAILED critique. Don’t be afraid to sound harsh! I’m looking for things that are WRONG, not right. I might not be able to get around to every criticism, however. Things like bugs and screwy events take priority over everything else. Be on the lookout for those.

I’m sure you guys will be able to provide fantastic help. Don’t hesitate to send any comments or questions while you’re playing the game.
Sorry about the hiatus, life got a little insane. Glad to be back on track now.

Progress Report

New Song and Progress Update!

Monochrome (Reprise) is out on Soundcloud! It will likely be the final single before the full length album accompanies the game's release.

In other news, I've compiled an official progress report!
Maps: 100%
Music: 83%
Programming: 50%
Fullscreen Art: 40%
I'll probably add in some sprites here and there, but the game is definitely coming along. There's only a little less than a third of the game left to complete, a number that includes all the art and music, which I expect will get completed fairly quickly.

Again, thank you so much for sticking with this project! I sincerely hope there's been enough updates to keep everyone informed on the game's progress.

Progress Report

Even more fullscreens!!

I should be halfway done with the fullscreen events about now.

It doesn't look like a June release date will be attainable, obviously, and I apologize for that! However, beta testing should begin fairly soon.

In other news, the soundtrack is getting completed with the help of composer Ryan Breen. Expect many updates on the 1998 soundcloud page!

Thank you so much for sticking with this project.

Progress Report


I uploaded a few images to give snapshot of what the fullscreen art will look like in the game. As for progress, I’m currently going through and eventing the game chronologically, as well as working on the soundtrack. Right now my goal is to redo the facesets and edit some of the dialogue.

When the game starts to be availible for beta testers, the dialogue is the element I would appreciate the most critique on, so keep that in mind!

Anyway, thank you so much for following this project! Hope to release it as soon as possible.

Progress Report

Progress Report!

I apologize for not being as consistent as I'd like to, this season is pretty chaotic as far as other stuff I have to do. Nevertheless, I've still found time to work on the game and managed to get 100% of the maps done! I would post screenshots, but I don't want to give away the entire game. Pretty soon I'll have more time to work on everything else. If I had to give an estimated release date I'd aim for sometime in June. Thanks for sticking around!

Game Design

Mei Noodle

Here’s a little preview of the first colored map! I really want to know how I could spruce it up a little, or if it’s fine the way it is.

Progress Report

Progress Report/Updated Info

Art: 20% 

Programming: 10% (this will come last, after I finish up the maps)

Maps: 60% 

Music: 20%
Here’s some other things about the game I want to talk about:

All of the maps (except one) and npcs are in black and white. This is a symbolic/stylistic choice that represents how the main character, Audrey, views the world. She thinks her surroundings are boring, straightforward, and uninteresting. 

There will be major tragedy/loss in this game. There won’t be any explicit content, though.

This project is meant to be unique. It’s not a typical RPG in any sense. It’s a lot like an interactive story.
A few have asked, there won’t be a playable demo. The game is pretty condensed as it is so I don’t think it needs one! However, everyone is invited to playtest it when it’s complete enough.

In other news, screenshots of the first color map will be released very soon. Thank you so much for your support!


New Song for the1998 OST!

"Monochrome" is now availible on Soundcloud. Listen here.
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