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Project Blue Sphere 2

About the game:
This is the sequal of my game PBS. To give a quick review, PBS was my intro back into the GameMaker program. PBS was a arcade style type of game with very simple graphics and controls. PBS2 is a revision of the original, with better graphics, newer controls, a better battle system and other features.

How to play:
Explore a mixture of different maps where you must find a trigger. Once every trigger on the map has been pressed a flag will pop up some where else on the map. Make your way to the flag and then move on to a newer map. Danger follows you too though, Do not get mixed up with the deadly Red Spheres.

New features:
In PBS2 your enemies are even stronger. Again you face the Red Spheres, but if you click on them like the last game, they don't become Green, but Orange, you must then wait for 15 seconds and the Orange Spheres will become Yellow Spheres. Then click on the Yellow Spheres and the Green Spheres return, still only for 15 seconds so you must be quick. Also note that Orange and Yellow Spheres are the same as Red in the sense that you will die from contact with them.
Introducing Helper Spheres. These little guys are nice little helpers in your journey to explore the rooms and find energy spheres. Helper spheres can turn Red Spheres right into Yellow Spheres as a sacrifice. The nice bonus about this is that Helper spheres dont take away from your health and you have a unlimited number of them. But the downside is that Helper Spheres can't stop until they make contact with a wall or a enemy. Also onlu one Helper Sphere can be on the map at a time. *Some time errors happen, if a Helper sphere becomes frozen, simply click on the sphere and it will be gone.*

WASD; These will move the Hero.
Mouse; By click on the Red and Yellow spheres you can change them to Orange and Green for 15 seconds
Space; Creates Helper Spheres
/\ > \/ < ; These will move the Helper Sphere
P; Pauses Gameplay

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Wow that's a good question,

Since it got a bad review I kinda lost hope. I don't even know if I still have the file on my computer
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