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"Agent B0rk" is a short, noir-inspired adventure game with light stealth and RPG elements.

In a city overrun by corruption, a group known only as "The Facti0n" quietly fights for justice from the shadows. Thanks to some experimental technology, their top secret agent (Codename: "B0rk") is now able to embark on his most important assignment yet: Going undercover at the Mayor's residence!

Join Agent B0rk in his investigation and help him to:

  • Explore a fancy apartment!

  • Discover incriminating information about the Mayor!

  • Deftly sneak around security guards!

  • Do some really cool dog tricks!

Z/Enter = Confirm/Interact
X = Cancel/Open Menu
Arrow Keys = Movement

Pro Tips:
In the opening scene, selecting "Yeah" will provide you with story context and tutorials on how to play. Selecting "Nah" will skip the opening cutscene and disable all tutorials.

When Convincing people, going all out and using "Fetch" right away will help things move along much faster. Don't worry about using up all your Energy because it continues to restore itself while walking around the apartment.

Don't dismiss the fountain/statue as just an ugly piece of interior decorating...

Latest Blog

Agent B0rk Version 1.3

Finally got around to updating this game a little! The changes aren't major, but they are details I've been meaning to get to for a while now...

Updates in version 1.3 include:
- Minor changes to the UI
- Added a few lines of dialogue in spots that felt... empty idk
- Reduced the difficulty of the final "battle" because it still seemed to be a bit more difficult than I intended

Thanks so much to everyone who has played! I'm happy to see that it's still getting downloads! (:
  • Completed
  • sistinedisco
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 02/25/2017 06:59 AM
  • 12/09/2021 04:11 AM
  • 02/24/2017
  • 17689
  • 10
  • 454


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heyy! your game is amazing, i had a lot of fun ^-^
i wanted to ask if i could translate your game to spanish!to make more people enjoy your works
of course i'm not forcing you or something!

Genuinely, my only issue is that the title screen and menu option does not say "Ab0rk mission." And after all those other puns, too.

Love it. 15 minutes well spent.
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