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Dino Pinball is a game about Prehistoric RPG creatures.


A long time ago scientists discovered an extremely advanced, yet damaged, machine that could revive creatures of the past (prehistoric).

Using this machine as a guide, the scientists designed a prototype that was more complex and was capable of making prehistoric creatures come back to life: Camarasaurus, Saurophaganax, Fukuisaurus and many more.

The newest version of the machine gives you the creatures as pets and allows you to be synchronized with a Dino which enables people to fight together in tournaments. People soon took this technology and the creatures it helped create and used them for various different tasks - from guarding to battlefields, tournaments to fashion.

But this soon brought consequences. The old machine that was in the museum was soon taken by an organisation made up of people who were not happy with the return of extinct species, believing it to be against the will of nature and unnatural. They gathered an army to collect seven crystals, in order to unite them and exterminate the Dinos once and for all.

This is where your participation comes into play to prevent the Dino species from becoming extinct again.

*6 aviable dinos
*1 little boss
*23 elements
*more of 40 abilities
*1 boss

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Interestin - I'll add this to my to-review pile. (be warned, it is a large pile)
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