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I own nothing in this game, none of the graphics, art, scripts, etc.

Welcome to the worst game ever! It's so bad that the first game isn't even on this website!

You may be wondering what type of game this is, well I'll tell you! (I kinda have to)
This is a game where you play as members of the commentary community!

"What's a commentary community" you're probably not asking.
Well I'll tell ya! They're a bunch of people who make videos giving criticism to bad YouTube videos, think of it as a YouTube comment giving criticism in a video (Ok bad comparison).

These characters are not said characters, these are avatars of certain CC members. Like it's not Plague Knight but a YouTuber who uses Plague Knight as an avatar.
It's very confusing.

It all started with a simple Skype call...
A young man(?) by the name of Rion Rhino Mills calls his friends Skihound and TheMaskedStarmaker and asks them if they want to co-op on a terrible MysteriousMrEnter commentary.
However, tragedy struck as Starmaker turned evil and attempted to kill both Rion and Skihound.
They survived, but now they're trapped in a demon. They bravely traversed through it's body and made it to the heart.
Their friend Zerarick gave them advice to destroy the heart and they escaped safely.
However! Skihound was diagnosed with Autism and Hitler attempted to kill him. They were saved by Zerarick but he sadly sacrificed himself in order to defeat Hitler.
A new threat approached who goes by Slothboy, Rion asked his good friend Youngblood to defeat this new threat.
However, it quickly failed, Slothboy escaped and Youngblood lost his life.
Rion asks his final friend, Evan Yeagy for help to defeat him once for all. Once they made it to his lair, Rion was betrayed and was left to die as Sloth and Evan make their escape.

Did Rion survive? Probably, but will he have his revenge against Sloth and Evan? Find out in the thrilling adventure of The Lost Commentary!

It's an RPG game, so expect it to have a side-view turn based battle system. However this one is played a bit differently.

You have 3 commands in this game:

  • Commentate

  • Guard

  • Items

Guard and items are self explanatory so I'll just explain Commentate.
Commentate is how you attack in this game, you can either Roast or Critique your foe. Roasts are basic attacks and critiques are strong attacks. You gain more ways to commentate as you level up. Basically it's side-view but with text.

  • Three separate stories, ending with a final story

  • Meta memes

  • Bad memes

Latest Blog


Hi there.

So this will probably be the only blog on this game since it's already completed. I guess I should explain.

A while back I made a 15 minute fan game for some youtubers I liked. Later after I released it I wanted to make a squeal. One that I put more effort towards, and here we are. It was already on GameJolt but I decided to move it on here as well since I find this a overall better website (I still can't believe this got accepted).

I'll completely understand if this ain't your thing, I highly doubt any of you know what this fan game is for. But if you decide to play this game, I'm very sorry.

The download should be up, it will include a patch. So just create a file named "patches" in the game folder and place the patch in that folder (not the .txt file obviously). Also the GameJolt version has copyrighted music, but it made the file WAY too big so I removed them on this version.

Here's the GameJolt version if you're surprisingly curious.

I also removed the RTP so you're gonna need to download that if you don't already have it. Same for Winrar.

Enjoy the game(?)
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  • Porkate42
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  • 02/26/2017 05:08 AM
  • 02/28/2017 03:21 AM
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