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- This Game is a Demo -

(Game Summary)
Tesslin may be a kind soul, but she's no hero. Nearly thirty following the witch hunt, it looks as though things were about to change for the worse - she is now seemingly the last of her kind, but has no real intention of engaging the new threat looming over civilization despite being one of the few things that may be able to put an end to it.

Convincing her that this may be an opportunity to turn over a new leaf, her best friend, Lana, convinces her to join her on an epic journey to. . . the capital. AKA the home of the witch hunting fanatics. They don't have a very pleasant time trying to get there.


In Last Wish, you control Tesslin and Lana in battle - Tesslin is a silly and emotional 300 year old witch with three useful stances that determines whether she casts offense, defense, or utility spells at any given time, so there's always room for strategy! She's very fragile and can be knocked out in just a few hits, but that's why you have. . .

. . . Lana! Lana is a former witch hunter, now Tesslin's bodyguard. Any attack aimed at the friendly neighborhood witch, she makes sure to take in her stead. She's not in the best shape of her life, now sitting about 50 years of age and missing an arm, but boy does she have some fight left in her. And an excessive amount of bitterness.

-Cute girls
-Bad Jokes
-Easter eggs that are hidden a bit too well
-Difficult bosses
-Things that aren’t actually features
-but get listed in the features section anyway
-my sweat, tears, and various other bodily fluids

(Developer's Long-Winded and Rather Unnecessary Note)
Before I say anything else, let me go on to say that at the time of writing this, there is a high chance that the game will not be developed past the point that it is right now (Chapter 1 Demo). Last Wish has a long and kind of aggravating history for me. This is a game I must've started development in back in like. . . 2014 or 2015.

After working for nearly a year on the project, I became very dissatisfied with everything I've accomplished and scrapped the whole thing, instead deciding to reboot it. And the reboot went well! I liked the feel of the game much better, everything felt more clean and detailed, and. . . well, by the end of it, I found myself still being just as dissatisfied.

It became discouraging to work on because nothing I did with it ever felt right, it dragged on too long, there's too much dialogue, it's too linear, hardly anything interesting that I wanted to happen occurs in the first chapter. . . However, I did spend a LOT of time on the stupid thing so the least I could do is release, uh, something.

If I get enough positive feed back on this game, which I'm highly doubting, I may be convinced to see my vision through but as it stands, I don't think I'm getting anywhere with this project, despite the fact that there are so many cool ideas I wanted to do with it. At some point, it just stopped being worth the effort and became too much of a chore.

Negativity aside, I hope you can get at least get a kick out of what's here, though! I worked hard on this game, but I didn't work hard enough in the right places, I guess. Anyway, feel free to review the game as you like, as I don't imagine that this game will be seeing any more content (and if it does, boy will it be a long time coming).

Character art done by the wonderful Ross Castro (oneirossc/psionicrevenant)
It's a shame I couldn't put it to better use, I may have it return in some other shape or form.

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I recommend this one if you like turn based fantasy stuff, it has a quite alternative battle system and its strategy is easy to learn.
This is so good, Tesslin owns the game.
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