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Andrew waits for the bus to get to work as usual. He's never been particularly thrilled about his job, but, the bus is uncomfortably late. As it becomes more and more apparent that he's not going to be on time today, Andrew decides to call the day off, and goes back home. He does not expect anything to happen on the way back, and yet, he comes across some very peculiar happenings.

Personal Asides
This short game was made with the Steam version of RPG Maker 2K3, and it was pretty fun to do. It takes about 10 minutes, and has three different endings. The general idea is that each time players get an ending, they see a certain part of the story, and make their own conclusions.

This game was very much inspired by Wither and Ghost Suburb II. The characters are based off of edits of work done by CARRIONBLUE, while some musics/sounds are from freesound.org. Most other work is from RPG Maker 2K3's run-time package.

Latest Blog

Spanish Version Added.

Hola Elax aquí!

He añadido la versión en español de RBG Colors para quien la
guste jugar, si quieres descargarla, deberás hacer clic en la sección
de "downloads" en lugar de dar click en el gran botón gris,
tu sabes opción la que está al lado de "Summary, Blog, Images"
en el menú de la parte de arriba.

¡Que tengas un buen fin de semana y veremos lo que dice el futuro!

Hi Elax in here!

i just added the spanish version for RBG Colors for you to play
if you want to download it, you need to click on the "downloads"
section, you know the one that is next to "summary, blog, images"
instead of the "DOWNLOAD" grey button.

Have a nice weekend and we'll see what the future says!

  • Completed
  • Elaxhave
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Adventure
  • 02/27/2017 08:42 PM
  • 09/14/2017 02:03 AM
  • 02/12/2017
  • 33346
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Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
The game is labelled as "completed", but where is the download?
sorry my bad! let me fix it...

is available now!

thank you for play it.
I don't know how to take the red ending :(
By the way I had take blue and green endings..
The game is nice!
Hello! Alice jeje i'm going to tell you, but by PM because i don't wanna to spoil someone :D and thank you very much for play the game!

The pixel style looks so cool from the screenshots! I love it. <3 Downloaded! Looking forward to giving you my first impressions and final thoughts.
I hope you like it! and of curse i will waiting for you impression of the game!

Thank you for playing.
Hello! I really liked your game and would like to translate it into Portuguese. ^^
Sorry for not been active for the latest months...

:O In portuguese you say Yuriko? that would be wonderful!

:D pls PM me and ask me for the necessary to do it.

thank you very much for comment! :)
It's okay, I also apologize for not responding. ç--ç

Well, I'll be waiting for you to respond. ^^
Hola Elax!! Amo ver creadores de RPG en español <3 me ha encantado el juego ¿Te molesta si hago un review en youtube? saludos
Hola que tal Kalia! por favor hazlo =D me sentiría muy honrado y pasame tu canal asi me suscribo y tal.

Saludos y gracias por tu interes en mi juego =)
okay I have played a bit of this game and have gotten the blue and green endings but I can't get the red can you help in any way
Yes sure, i'm going to send you a pm!

=) greetings.
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