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Simply a masterpiece

  • Frogge
  • 06/02/2017 04:37 PM

Mission Whaled by Nana707
Length: ~30 minutes

Every once in a while, you play a game, and when you're done, you know you just witnessed something beautiful. Mission Whaled is one of those games. It is an experience. A work of art. It is something that you simply must play.
The story is about trying to save the great whale. It may sound simple, but do not be fooled, Mission Whaled's story is actually quite deep, yet heartwarming. Sure, it may get a little cliche at times, but it uses cliches to its advantage to deliver some nice jokes.
The gameplay is amazing. In fact, it is hard to believe that this is an rpg maker game. Sure, the rtp gives it away, but at the same time, I do not care about how the graphics look, because in my head, when I think of this game, I see a beautiful, vibrant rainbow. I love rainbows, just like how I love this game. The mapping's quite good too!
The game will have you in tears multiple times. Some of them tears of laughter, some of them tears of happiness as you watch your favorite characters get their happy endings, and some of them tears of pain and sadness from the deep story. You will grow to like EVERY character. I mean it, every character in the game is given tons of development and made extremely likeable. Their desires are deep, as proven by Sebastian's love for pizza. They try hard and are caring, making them great role models for us to follow.
Alongside all this, we have the battle system, which is simply excellently done. It may not be that different from the usual rpg maker battles, but there are tons of unique and cool skills which make up for that. You even grow to like some of the enemies as they are cute, such as the ponpons near the beginning, who constantly say ''pon pon pon''
The game also has a lot of polish. There was only one bug I could find, where in the city, if you interact with the torch, it changes colors. It is such a minor bug, however, that it is easy to overlook. Other than that, the game does a great job of avoiding bugs. You can tell it was tested through and through and that the developer spent a lot of effort to ensure the game's quality.
Over the course of the game you will travel through enchantingly beautiful locations such as the whale's belly and the futuristic wasteland city. All of them are well designed to encourage exploration by giving you great loots, not to mention each of them has unique and fun gimmicks. Like, in one of them, you have to collect five rabbits who totally look like rabbits.
I simply cannot describe in words how I much I loved this game. Trust me, play this game on your own. You will LOVE it. You will gain a lot from playing this game. Wisdom, courage, other good things I can't think of right now... Just, do it, do yourself a huge favor and play this 40 minute long game. It'll be worth it.

I give it a full five whale out of five.


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It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

This review...
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Speaks of the uttermost truth. This game deserves a 6/5
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