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You play as Soren, a young man with a strong personality who would like to join the prestigious army of Asmil order.
While everything was going as planned, he was the victim of a malicious lie that would have a serious impact on his future.
At the same time, Payne, the elected Valhsin, approaches the island of our hero to complete her pilgrimage.
Their fate will intersect by the greatest of chances and push them to unite to accomplish their original purpose.

Follow the adventures of Soren who is accompanied by Payne on the Isle of Wullsa. Discover the rich world of A lost dreamer!​

> Many custom resources
A team comprised of a pixel artist, an illustrator, a writer and a composer to bring you original and unique content.

> The exploration world ​​
An island with more than 250 maps, vast places and landscapes without any loading times. Each map is linked to each other.

> A living world
Many secondary scripted quests.

> And many other things
A bestiary created entirely by our artist pixel.
A Ost created entirely for the game. Multiple choices of dialogue with all their consequences in more or less long terms.
Several alternative ends
A talents tree inspired by Final Fantasy 10

More features to come as the game is still in progress

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Serious things begin!

  • Production
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  • no0ony
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 03/07/2017 09:12 PM
  • 10/19/2019 11:41 AM
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Pages: 1
I never understand why games that aren't in english have english pages on here.
What if the game's native language speakers/potential players can't read english?
Maybe a translation is provided in English? :D
Why be so pessimistic? ^^
Can't deny it looks snazzy, that's some seriously breathtaking mapping! Certainly doesn't hurt that purple is my favorite color, heh heh.
Thank you very much ! :) I try to bring a complete mapping that changes a bit of the ordinary with known resources. (and some custom).
I love purple too, it shows hehe ^^
I never understand why games that aren't in english have english pages on here.
What if the game's native language speakers/potential players can't read english?

We require an English translation of the gamepage on RMN. That said, we don't mind if you put a non-English version with it, but there must be an English version since we're an English site.
@ Liberty

Hm tis true. I guess there's not really that many game hosting sites out there in other languages that can host stuff like this.

On a game - related note,
Not tryin to be pessimistic, sorry if it came across as that way. o:
I'm just airheaded at times and I guess it might get taken too blunt.
This is really breathtaking, looking at the screenshots.
And if there is an english translation I am so on board for it. O:
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
oh my god how have I not seen this game before it looks friggin gorg
Hi there, glad to see you here no0ony.
Good luck with your project, I'm looking forward to it *sub*
Your game is really remarkable! I just tried the demo version and I can feel the effort and love you put in this game. Sadly, I don't understand French so I don't understand much what's going on. Hopefully you'll have translated version released someday!
Quand est-ce que ce jeu de fantastique sera publié? Je ne peux pas attendre!
Thank you all for your support! It makes me hot in my heart!
The translation on paper is going very well for the moment, I think it will come out maybe this summer!
An alpha version is already available @Lonerlova! ;)
Surely it can come out sooner than that! Mwahahaha! >8D

No, but seriously, the game looks great! Glad you finally decided to put this game on here, I was starting to wonder when that was going to happen! I'll be supporting this game as much as I can! >8D
Amazing! All the mapping looks incredible. Looking forward to the English version/demo.
The mapping looks amazing but I wish the download link would work and the game language would be in English.(/^▽^)/
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