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> The creation of the universe

Even before the existence of the gods, the universe was nothingness.
Only a wandering energy wandered in the void, the "Valh". An impartial judge and totally neutral.
By its energetic intensity, it materialized in a luminous body named "Sun".
The energy it emitted fueled the entire universe with a magical flow.
Then, in a reaction between his flow and his heat, he gave birth to cosmogony.
And at first, only one galaxy was born.
The Valh then put three children in the world.
The moon of the shadow, The moon of light, The neutral moon.
These three moons circled the sun. They brought gravity around the star and in a sufficiently wide perimeter.
Materializing a dreamlike form of their energy,
The moon of the night created Yue, that of light, Neo and neutral, Mia.

> The creation of humanity

Yue saw only his opposite Neo, the latter taken admiration for the aura of his brother.
They fell in love with each other.
Because of their true love, the fusion of light and night gave birth to
the goddess Limsa, Mother earth, child of shadow and light.
It was then that the three primordial divinities decided to bring a present to Limsa.
Neo brought life. The fauna and flora arrived on the world. This one accompanied by being alive named "humans".
Yue brought the soul, giving sentient beings a consciousness and purpose.
Mia transferred part of the Valh to humans so that they could use the Arjiss.
Limsa created by herself 4 guards, named "Elemental Chimeras", related to the 4 natural elements.
Fire, water, wind and earth.
Limsa lived!
Two worlds were then created to separate that of humans from that of the gods.
The visible world belonged to Limsa and therefore to men while the invisible world belonged to the gods
An inter-world separation protected these two worlds from possible conflicts.
It was then that the cosmogony came to an end.

> The Valhissians

The first civilization was called "Valhissians".
Born with the energy of the valh, the Valhissians were able to use the Arjiss, commonly called magic.
When Neo brought life, he designated eight "elect".
Marked by his light, the elected officials had to act only for good.
They were named "Valhsin".
But the Valhsins were also the only ones who could communicate with the Gods.
During their sleep, they crystallized in order to get in touch with the divine ones.
This is how men discovered the creation of the universe.
When a human being loses his life, his soul is expelled from his carnal envelope.
She then wandering on Limsa.
It was then that Neo gave wandering souls the opportunity to join him thanks to the Valhsins.
When the moon of light entered orbit with Limsa, the elect then had to join Mount Lumis, the culminating point of Limsa. Allowing to open an intermonde passage to attract all the luminous souls in the invisible world alongside Neo.
Everything was going well, the three moons were turning into orbit, thus welcoming Limsa in their atmospheres in turn. Humans were born and died in an eternal cycle.

> The plague, Omnisin

When the moon of the shadow dominates Limsa, the bad people as pushed by an invisible voice ignore social rules and limits, thus doing the harm.
Omnisin, a jealous envy of the Valhsin, also wanted to rise to the rank of God.
Cracking under desire, he began his rite macabre and profane.
Arriving at the fulfillment of his wish, the new god created a tear between the world of humans and that of the Gods to join them.
When he finally succeeds in achieving his goal, the new god tears the space connecting the world of humans and Gods to join the invisible world too.
But in his madness, his ascent created an irreparable disaster.
Mia discovered that Yue was partly responsible for the disaster. Accusing him of hurting his child. Limsa.
Touched by her sister's unfounded accusations, Yue gave herself to her guilt and shame.
The moon of the night was left without guard, delivered to itself.
Omnisin thereby took possession of it, becoming a chaotic planet.
He materialized then as a crystal mother of darkness.
Having no barrier between the two worlds, the Omnisian fault absorbs the Valh found in humans.
They lost all the faculty to use the Arjiss.
Only the Valhsin, protected by the mark of light, could keep their control of this magic.
As the darkness spread more and more, the last Vahsin sacrificed themselves to protect their planet.
Their souls united to form a protective dome. Dome enclosing the fault caused by Omnisin
As for the chimeras, they tied themselves to the tombs of the sacrificed